August 7, 2011

Icon15 new date ideas for bored couples

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while you might recognise this dating dilemma, writes Diana Denza. Your girl is great, but you can’t spend another night making small talk over a Chinese takeaway.

So here’s the fix: pick one of these creative date ideas and get ready to turn up the heat in your relationship.

1. Go for a ride
Amusement parks aren’t just for restless kids. What can be more romantic than starting your day with a sweet Ferris wheel trip and ending it with ice cream for two?

2. Get dirty
If you’ve been neglecting your garden for the past few months, now’s the time to exercise that green thumb. Ask your girl to help you pick the perfect plants and start digging.

3. Plan a picnic
Relaxing on the grass as you nosh on finger foods and fresh fruit screams summer love. Make this date extra cutesy by picking up a few of her favorite magazines and leaving special notes on the pages.

4. Sing your heart out
Even if you’ve never belted out a tune outside of the shower, karaoke bars seem to transform even the shyest of us into singing sensations (all those cocktails help). And slurring a duet in front of total strangers is sure to break the ice in a new relationship.

5. Talk about your feelings
All it takes is a digital camera and basic knowledge of the internet (if you’re reading this, you’re sorted) to possibly become the next YouTube wonder. You and your leading lady can comment on anything from current events to the latest scandal on Candy Bar Girls. We’ll be watching the web for you!

6. Play dress up
Even if you don’t leave the house, cross-dressing for a few hours can be a hilariously fun way to spend time together. Cue some good jokes and a bottle of wine to make your night anything but a drag.

7. Catch the sunset
Sometimes, the most memorable dates are also shockingly simple. All it takes are a blanket, a box of homemade treats, and a secluded spot on a hill to create a dreamy sunset-watching experience.

8. Paint a pot
Show off your skills with a brush by helping her create a work of art. If there’s no pottery shop in town, you can easily pick up a kit at the nearest craft store.

9. Start a war
Even the most devout pacifist would find it difficult to resist an exciting game of paintball. Team up with your most valuable player and get ready for a big win.

10. Spot a spook
Let your imaginations run wild as you scour the attic for spirits while armed only with a flashlight. If you’re both feeling especially adventurous, do an online search for local ghost hot spots and prepare for a fright.

11. Keep it clean
There’s no better way to end a stressful workweek than spending a relaxing evening lathering up with your sweetie in the bathtub. Scented bubble bath and rose petals will leave her starry-eyed.

12. Organize a hunt
While traditional scavenger hunts might be reminiscent of your high school years, you can easily up the romance factor by challenging her to find a dozen couples, a French restaurant, or an old rom-com. And don’t forget to snap tons of photos!

13. Double up
Hitting the town as a pair every date night can become a bit boring. Spice up your next get together by inviting another adorable couple along. Hit the dance floor or play board games all night –it’s totally up to the four of you!

14. Laugh out loud
You don’t have to be a comedian to crack her up. A trip to a comedy club in your area will bring on those feel-good grins and giggles. If you can’t make a live show, rent a taped one and snuggle in front of your television set.

15. Do some good
Passionate about animal rights? Spend a few hours pitching in at a shelter. Not only will you make a positive change, but you’ll also have tons to discuss afterward.

3 Responses to 15 new date ideas for bored couples

  1. Date Ideas says:

    Definitely some fun ideas here. Think the idea of the summer picknic would be way fun.

  2. cllewis00 at yahoo says:

    Yeah a nice picnic sounds nice then a massage in candle light in bed.

  3. Maximus says:

    Show a little sensitivity and emotion to the women you love and she’s sure to respond. Keep it fresh. Make sure effort is not one sided. Even if your too busy sometimes, find time, always think ahead.Show how important she is! Make a date that belongs to you two and stick to it on a regular basis. Have time out from each other you will have something to discuss. Great suggestions!

Milly Shaw


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