August 1, 2008

Icon81% of Protestants think homosexuality is a sin

A new poll of 517 Protestant Christians in Britain has found that the majority believe homosexuality to be a sin, and that practicing gay men should not be ordained, reports the Times Online.

81% of those surveyed believe that homosexuality is a sin, 15% believe “it is more complicated than this” and 3% believe it is not a sin.

A separate survey of 2,000 people in 2007 found that 84% of people who identified as religious disagreed with the statement ‘homosexuality is morally unacceptable in all circumstances.’

In July 2008 we reported research which found that tension between religion and homosexuality is largely exaggerated.

2 Responses to 81% of Protestants think homosexuality is a sin

  1. Vikkie says:

    They make Christians look bad. Christianity is about love and acceptance. They are the ones who got lost along the way.

  2. Anastasia Hayward says:

    Vikkie, I have to be honest, around here I haven’t noticed much Christian love and acceptance. I think the other 19% of Christians moved out and went to live in Brighton or somewhere!

Milly Shaw


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April 22, 2013