September 8, 2013

Icon9 signs you’re on a lesbian date

So you’ve got your best crisp white shirt on (that took FOREVER to iron), a quick slick of lipstick and a comb through your hair. This means one thing – the big date. But what should you expect? Read on baby beavers, and welcome to the world of lesbian dating.

1. You both try to open the door for each other.

It’s only the nice thing to do, right? Lets hope there’s a few sets of doors so you can take it in turns.

2. You brought her a flower

Yes. A single flower. Or spent so long humming and hawing over a bouquet that you came empty handed. Yeah right.

3. You’re so busy gazing into each others’ eyes that you can’t think of a thing to talk about.

The classic. This is awkward enough on a hetero date. Put two ladies together and BAM, awkwardness times two. (But her eyes are pretty magical.)

4. So one of you tells their life story.

Well, someone’s got to start the conversation!

5. Exes inevitably come up in conversation.

6. You know all of each others’ friends… and exes.

7. There’s a short fluster over the bill, as you’re both just so chivalrous.

“But you paid for the drinks last time…”

8. You either give a carefully restrained peck after the date, or it’s a snog-fest.

There’s no in-between.

9. You call each other about 7 minutes after you leave the date.

Just to say a polite thank you, of course.

Have fun ladies!

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