December 10, 2013

IconA queer’s guide to holiday survival

Break out your stockings and hang up your mistletoe because the holiday season is upon us.  It’s a time of joy, happiness and…family reunions.

Wait, what?  If the thought of venturing back to your hometown creates panic and an excessive amount of sweat, then read on for your ultimate guide to surviving the holidays.

Whether you’re not out, not accepted or simply not looking forward to it, this guide is for you. Who knows, you might even find yourself enjoying them this year.


How you imagine your holiday season...

1. Your furry friends. I’ve been blessed with an amazing mother who I adore, and going home to see her is a delight.  The other person I’m most excited to see? Our family dog, Molly. Okay, so she’s technically not a person, but what’s better than seeing your favorite four legged friend? Not a damn thing.

So whether your relationship with your own mother is stellar or a tad icy, focus on the fact that a special someone is stoked for your arrival.  And trust me, nothing’s better than some doggy cuddles.


2. Free booze.  This one is pretty self-explanatory.  If there’s one thing the holiday season has no shortage of, it’s alcohol.  Use that to your advantage and sip to your heart’s content.

But a word of caution to the extra thirsty: too much and you might create a holiday hell.  The phrase “drink responsibility” has never been more relevant. Consider yourself warned


3. Family traditions.  Sure, they might occasionally drive you insane but traditions with family can melt even the most anti-holiday hearts.

Remember how every year you and your sister perform hilariously altered versions of Christmas carols for the family?  Yep, I thought so. Enjoy the small moments and cherish those traditions. the holiday season actually is


4. Board games.  Who doesn’t love a good board game? These awesome family staples are often forgotten about in the midst of a hectic life.

Use your time at home as a chance to dust off your Monopoly/Cranium/Scrabble skills. Triple word score, anyone?


5. Reflect on growth.  Chances are that you’ve changed a lot since the last time you went home and saw your family.  Allow this time to be a moment of reflection.  Did you quit the stressful job you worked at when you were home last year? Congratulations!

Whether the changes are big or small, take a moment to reflect on how you’ve grown and changed.  And chances are that your family has done the same.  You never know, they might surprise you.



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