July 1, 2011

IconAdvocates call for equal marriage in India

A number of Indian LGBT activists are calling for the legalisation of gay marriage on the anniversary of a Delhi High Court ruling that decriminalised gay sex.

Organisers in New Delhi expect several hundred people to participate in the Pride parade on Saturday 2 July, which marks the second anniversary of the court ruling.

“Encouraged by the development in New York and the fact that the UN, too, has passed a bill against discrimination on the basis of sexuality, we want the Indian government, too, to spring into action. We demand that the time has come when gay marriages become legal in India, too,” said Mohnish Kabir Malhotra of Delhi Queer Pride.

A number of advocates highlighted the influence of LGBT gains in the West, such as the recent legalisation of same-sex marriage in New York.

“We ape whatever the West does. So why should we shy away from accepting gay marriages? I want to propose marriage to my girlfriend. I hope I can do it soon enough,” Rani told the Hindustan Times.

A number of same-sex weddings have been carried out in India according to Hindu tradition in recent decades. These unions are sometimes accepted as legal by regional courts but there is no national recognition of gay marriage.

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