June 7, 2013

IconAnd the “Cutest Couple” Goes to . . .

History was made in New York state last week, and though it may not be a landmark, government changing event, you can’t deny that it is adorable.

Carmel High School released its yearbook and in the section where students voted “best of”, the school’s cutest couple award went to students Dylan Meehan and Bradley Taylor. After their friend snapped a shot of the super handsome boys above the “Cutest Couple” label and posted it on her tumblr account, the photo went viral.

When students were initially handed the ballots for the class awards, the blank nominee spots were designated for a boy’s name and a girl’s name. Luckily it didn’t take much to convince the school to change it to Student One and Student Two after many people wanted to vote for the young boys. This makes me happy for so many reasons, but mostly because now all future students can enter in couples’ names, whether they are straight or gay or transgender or not able to identify with a gender in their teen years.

Both boys came out to their parents when they first started dating (about a year ago) and considering that father Robert Taylor does not feel like it is a big deal that the boys “won”, it appears that they have a supportive family. What is very clear is that they have an overwhelming amount of support from their peers, and this is encouraging. Considering hate crimes are on the rise in New York, it warms the heart to know that young people are spurring on the opposite of “hate”. I only hope that more high schools follow suit.

And just to end on an even more adorable note, Dylan and Brad attended their high school prom together, proving that they truly did deserve the title of “Cutest Couple”.

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May 27, 2013