Can Miley Cyrus’ pseudo lesbian antics help young lesbians?

It seems that the web-wide buzz about Miley Cyrus has finally started to die down. As such, it feels like the perfect time to discuss a potentially unpopular opinion. So here goes: maybe Miley is helping some would-be lesbians. In [...]

September 30, 2013



Genderf*ck? There’s a label for that…

Hattie Lucas’ article last week got a lot of attention. For those of you who got a bit lost in all the labels being thrown around, here’s a quick guide. Sex This is the easy bit. Someone’s sex is the [...]

September 29, 2013



Lesbilicious reader discount to Nicole Conn Movie Convention 2014

In January 2014, Brighton will be hosting iConn, the first ever Nicole Conn Movie Convention. Fans are expected from all over Europe and the USA for this rare opportunity to meet Nicole and a number of the actresses from some [...]

September 20, 2013


Non-binary gender

Non-binary gender identities: how helpful are they for challenging gender rules?

Meg Barker recently wrote an article for the September issue of Diva about “increasing numbers of people [who] are identifying as something other than male or female.” In a rejection of binary gender identities, some regard themselves as (deep breath): [...]

September 20, 2013



Celebrate Bi Visibility Day!

September 23rd marks the 15th annual Bi Visibility Day. Wait, what? You’ve never heard of Bi Visibility Day? Well that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Bi Visibility Day was created not only to celebrate bisexuality, but also to increase awareness [...]

September 20, 2013



Stonewall dares professional footballers to wear rainbow laces

There are approximately 5,000 professional male football players in the UK, but not one of them has come out as gay. Statistically, the chances of this happening by random are one in 22 quadragintillion – that’s 22 followed by 132 [...]

September 16, 2013