August 1, 2011

IconAustralian school bans lesbian couples

Current students and alumni are seeking to overturn a ban on same-sex partners at an all-girls school in Perth.

Lesbian couples are considered “inappropriate” by St Mary’s Anglican Girls’ School, and are barred from attending the school ball together. Former students also claim that a gay-friendly chaplain was fired for being “too different” and “open-minded”.

As an independent school, St Mary’s is able to make its own rules regarding sexual expression. However, a number of LGBT advocates suggested that current policies might contravene the Equal Opportunities Act.

“I understand that many single-sex schools wish to foster environments where they are able to mix with other genders, but this is still an inadequate reason [to exclude same-sex couples],” said Kitty Hawkins of Gay and Lesbian Equality Western Australia.

“Same-sex attraction and trans-genderism are not contagious and allowing one or two same-sex couples to attend a dance together will not insinuate that the entire year will then follow suit. Schools public or private have an obligation towards their students to ensure that they are able to learn within an environment that is safe, respectful and accepting.”

Former student Kia Groom claimed that the school’s attitude made it difficult for her to come to terms with her bisexuality. She accused them of trying “nip lesbian behaviour in the bud”.

3 Responses to Australian school bans lesbian couples

  1. bianca says:

    Shame on YOU once again organized religions! As usual inflicting discrimination,hate,oppression,making people fight so your organized crimes in the name of God makes you what you really love $$$$$$$$$$$$!! Enough with your oppression of women!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Not all organized religion is bad. For example, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America have allowed lesbian and gay ministers to preach and be in relationships. Before, they had to be celibate. The Episcopal bishop of Long Island wants his gay ministers to wed because of the new NY same-sex marriage law. It’s not all bad. Organized religions are moving in the right direction. This Australian school is WRONG, certainly, but not all organized religions are bad.

  3. lis says:

    You got it right Bianca! Most organized religions are nothing more than legalized vehicles for promoting hate & violence.

Ruth Pearce


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