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Alex Samuel

Alex Samuel is an English Literature Student, and President of the LGBT society, at Queen Mary University of London. An avid reader, Alex also loves LGBT rights, travelling and shopping more than necessary. Alex is crazy in love with American other half Taylor, and they are currently in the process of conquering long-distance. They document the experience and other things they love at their blog, Alex and Tay Everyday.




Your essential guide to butch festive fashion

2013 has vanished in the blink of an eye! We’re all getting in the festive mood and if you’re anything like me, the camper and cheesier Christmas is the better. Your home will be dripping with decorations and you might [...]



Did Ellen let down butch women by dressing up ‘sexy’ as Nicki Minaj?

So we’re all agreed that Ellen DeGeneres is, like, the best thing to happen to lesbians. Not only is she hilarious, she’s an openly gay woman who is popular on mainstream American TV. And there’s more. She’s butch. For Halloween, [...]