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Ffion is a 23 year old hockey girl originally from North Wales. After a stint studying English Literature with Creative Writing in Lancaster (obviously with more drinking than reading, but shhh), she's now settle back in Bangor where she works as an editor at AltSounds.com, does PR for AltPR and marketing for the family run hot tub company. She always knew that she was going to be a writer ever since she started writing poems at the tender age of 8, and there's nothing she likes more than chilling in the pub, analysing the world and its stories. Politeness and banter is a must, and the odd smiley too :) www.ffiondavies.com www.altpr.co.uk www.altsounds.com @ffidavies




Why heavy metal should not portray women in this way

I’ve never liked heavy metal, can’t stand the ‘screaming’, the nature of the lyrics and the plethora of sub genres that attach themselves to a dark, tortured part of music.  Attila are ‘deathcore’ apparently, and they have recently released one [...]



Chime for Change and the Empowerment of Women

I’m not going to lie, when I first came across this concert my jaw nearly hit the floor, and I snapped up a couple of tickets as soon as possible for the missus’s birthday.  She wanted to go and see Beyoncé [...]



Exclusive Interview: Tammy Parlour, Co-Chair of Women’s Sports Trust

Women’s representation in sports is a rather funny concept.  There are thousand’s of women participating in sports on a daily basis here in the UK on a plethora of levels, whether they’re professional, coaches, volunteers, grass root players, university representatives, [...]



Top 8 Girls to Watch in 2013′s Music Scene

Around this time of year there are hundreds of ‘end of year/start of year’ lists about what to watch out for or what was the best voted by such and such.  Well, we thought give you a little breathing space [...]



Sports Wales and Stonewall Cymru tackles homophobia in Welsh Sports

Today, Sports Wales and Stonewall Cymru have teamed up to combat homophobia in sports.  After the Olympics and the government stressing the importance of the Games Legacy, it’s never been a more exciting time for sports in the UK.  Sports [...]



The Story of Maria Miller and Her Not So Equal Propositions

It’s recently been reported that Maria Miller, the new Culture Secretary and Equalities minister brought in during the latest cabinet shake up, has announced that gay couples will be banned from suing churches that refuse to marry them by being [...]



Jessie J and the Revolving Closet Door

Over the weekend, stories have hit the press about Jessie J and her choice in partner, where many headlines flashed that she was “going back to men”, as if she had decided to give up on a being a vegetarian [...]



How to be a Woman: Caitlin Moran and the Modern Feminist

Are you a feminist? That is what Caitlin Moran asks us in her new “part fiction, part memoir” bestseller How to Be a Woman.  Well, one of the many questions she asks about the state of the world where women [...]


female athletes

Team GB Women are 8th in the Medal Table at the London 2012 Olympics

Women in sport have always been a controversial topic. We’re a sex that has to work harder to prove our worth and our right to compete in that sport, even in 2012, women in sport is still not considered on [...]



Oh hello high society sapphism: Tatler’s inspiring collection of ‘lovely lesbians’

Where are all the Helena Peabody’s?  That’s the question that was on the tips of the tongues of Tatler editors, who have compiled a list of some of the loveliest of lesbians here in the UK.  Tatler, the high society [...]



World Pride 2012 | London: could the fiasco been avoided?

It’s old news that World Pride 2012 has been shambolic to say the least. It’s been plastered across news outlets and the little blue bird of Twitter has been chirping like a thing possessed about how an incredulous embarrassment has [...]



“There is still a need for this kind of festival” – Exclusive interview with Jackie Crozier, LadyRock founder

Have you been wondering exactly why LadyRock and GoGo were cancelled this year? Do you want find out the reasons behind such drastic decisions made?  We do too! We recently caught up with Jackie Crozier, LadyRock’s very own festival director to [...]