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Georgia Rooney

Georgia is a writer and Director of Lesbilicious. Due to a background in community development, she is particularly skilled at making banners and getting people to do stuff that they wouldn’t normally do. Georgia likes travelling, preferably by boat, and fainting at gigs. In her school yearbook she was described as ‘the one most likely to work out the meaning of life’. Sadly, she is an existentialist and doesn’t think there is any.




Competition – Win new Margarita DVD, courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures

Margarita screened at the BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival in early 2013. Whilst the female protagonist happens to be a lesbian, the story is about family, class and immigration.


X Factor Logo

X Factor – most memorable LGBT finalists

Last year the X Factor excelled itself. There were three women in the final 10 who self-defined as lesbian or bisexual – quite a staggering statistic by previous standards. We were used to seeing gay men in the live shows [...]



Lesbilicious reader discount to Nicole Conn Movie Convention 2014

In January 2014, Brighton will be hosting iConn, the first ever Nicole Conn Movie Convention. Fans are expected from all over Europe and the USA for this rare opportunity to meet Nicole and a number of the actresses from some [...]



Win a Lesbilicious tshirt – take our 5 minute survey

We had our 5th birthday this year. After five years it is still our priority to make Lesbilicious the best it can be, and to do that we need your help! Fill in our 5-minute survey and help us know [...]



Video: Lesbilicious backstage at Brighton Pride 2013

Lesbilicious were backstage at Brighton Pride on Saturday 3rd August. The theme of Pride was ‘icons’. We decided to ask some of our favourite lesbilicious performers who their icons are. Hosted by Ali Adolph (of Short and Girlie Show fame) [...]



Legendary lesbian movie director Nicole Conn to host UK convention in 2014

Lesbian movie legend Nicole Conn is coming to the UK in January 2014 for the first ever Nicole Conn Movie Convention. The convention, aptly named ‘iConn’, will be taking place in the UK’s gay capital Brighton, at the prestigious Brighton [...]


Shit people say to pregnant lesbians

Shit people say to pregnant lesbians

‘Shit people say to pregnant lesbians’ is a video collaboration between Lesbilcious and the Short and Girlie Show. Inspired by personal experiences of being a lesbian and trying to conceive or having a baby, the video uses comedy to highlight [...]



Is Rita Ora a lesbian?

Pop star Rita Ora has taken bisexual supermodel, Cara Delevingne, “off the market” and the couple call each other “wifey’, fuelling speculation that Rita may be lesbian or bisexual. In an interview with The Sun, Rita said: “She’s officially mine. [...]



Are lesbians ruining it for Tegan and Sara?

There are two categories of people who go to Tegan and Sara gigs. The first category is made up of people who love the band. The second category are lesbians. The second category have no meaningful appreciation for the band [...]



Lesbians aren’t immune to cervical cancer

The idea of a smear test isn’t the nicest thought. It is one of those things that is loaded with all sorts of baggage collected throughout our childhood and teenage years. As a young lesbian who has never slept with [...]


Homotopia festival taking place in Liverpool throughout November

The city’s eighth annual festival opens on 1 November with the theme of ‘Cruising For Art’.