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The list of the most recent things I have typed into Google should tell you all you need to know about me: 1. Buttock boil (I’m reading Martin Amis’ ‘Money’ and the protagonist has one. I wanted to see what it looked like...) 2. Guardian 3. Penis tattoo (no explanation for this) 4. BBC parliament 5. Southwark libraries 6. Hot tub cinema 7. Borgen 8. Overweight cat 9. Kaffeine short film 10. Ladyboys documentary 11. Lauren and Kiyomi still together (Oh dear...) 12. You forgot the blueberries



Non-binary gender

Non-binary gender identities: how helpful are they for challenging gender rules?

Meg Barker recently wrote an article for the September issue of Diva about “increasing numbers of people [who] are identifying as something other than male or female.” In a rejection of binary gender identities, some regard themselves as (deep breath): [...]


Jane Austen

Rape threats on Twitter should force us to re-think rape myths

Let’s say you are a man and you spot a woman in the media getting a little too big for her boots, proposing outlandish things such as Jane Austen on the UK ten-pound note. You feel that this woman (journalist [...]


Battle of you

Battle of You interview: “We don’t want to be the next Tegan and Sara”

Things are going pretty well for Battle of You so far; last week they were selected as Sarah Champion’s Emerging icons of the week on Absolute Radio, they have been played on BBC Introducing on BBC 6 music, and performed [...]


Setting captives free is still available on Google play

Homosexuality cure? There’s an app for that

I have been suffering with chronic homosexuality for a few years now and recently, I have thought, “Enough is enough, I’m going on Embarrassing bodies to see if they will refer me to a specialist.” When I went out, people [...]


Hunter Valentine. From left: Aimee Bessada, Kiyomi McCloskey, and Laura Petracca

Hunter Valentine romance London fans

Candy bar seems to have a Marmite effect on lesbians. It is the only exclusively lesbian bar in London, so one would think that the entire lesbian contingent would be flocking there like it’s perpetually Dinah shore weekend. What do [...]


Cyber rioting gets us nowhere

3 cures for chronic homophobia

I have gone through a rainbow of emotions in response to homophobic speech reported in the media: anger, self-righteousness, desire to vilify homophobic individuals, amusement, and finally boredom. I’m talking here about the airing of homophobic views which may be [...]


Botticelli's representation of the goddess of sexual love

Brenda, bed death, and Boston marriages: why is lesbian sexual desire not permitted?

A couple of years ago, the Guardian columnist, Kate Harrad asked “Why can’t women have Grindr too?” Grindr, for those who do not know, is a geosocial networking app with a reputation for enabling promiscuity, aimed at gay and bisexual [...]



Coming out to doctors: is it good for our (sexual) health?

The speculum and I have become so well acquainted of late that I have considered adding it to my list of sexual partners. It is not, however, the speculum, the swabs, or the undignified feet-on-stirrups position that has caused me the [...]