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Hilary is a freelance writer and full time stalker of Sue Perkins. She runs, which takes a humorous look at the world of television. Over the years, she's worked as a bungee trampoline instructor (don't ask), a volunteering manager and a sandwich maker for the cast of Coronation Street, though not at the same time. She likes it when people tweet at her: so please aim your tweets at @Hilary_W.




Why Lip Service is worth saving

Despite a well-intentioned attempt to petition the BBC to save the series, fans were left disappointed this weekend when it was announced that Glasgow-set lesbian drama Lip Service had been cancelled. BBC3′s budget cuts meant its future was always going [...]


Lip Service

Lip Service review: Season 2, Episode 6 – The Finale

Debilitating panic attacks and being a senior police officer don’t exactly go hand in hand. It’s a bit like being a blind truck driver or a constantly drunk brain surgeon. Possible, but not exactly ideal. Sam’s partner found that out [...]


Lip Service episode 5 review

Lip Service review: season 2, episode 5

How on Earth is it the penultimate episode of Lip Service already? I never thought I’d say this, but six episodes really aren’t enough, particularly when we had to spend the first three of them watching people weep in the [...]


Lip Service

Lip Service review: season 2, episode 4

One week we’re watching Casualty, the next we’re in a sitcom. At least that’s what last night’s episode of Lip Service felt like, with Sadie’s comedy cheese theft, Tess’s bad date and Sam’s tearful discovery that Cat had been sleeping [...]


Lip Service Frankie

Review: Lip Service season 2, episode 3

Another week, another character bites the dust. It’s as if Lip Service has turned into some kind of eviction based reality TV show. Frankie hit the road in last night’s episode. She’s off to New York, although she packed at [...]


Lip Service Cat and Sam

Review: Lip Service season 2, episode 2

Last week, I accused Lip Service of being predictable. Well, as you can imagine, Friday’s episode certainly shut me up. It may have been bizarre, shocking and more than a tad depressing, but it certainly wasn’t predictable. In fact, it [...]


Lip Service

Review: Lip Service season 2, episode 1

Britain’s L Word is back! Except we’re not meant to call it that. So what’s the verdict on season 2 of Lip Service? Is it worth staying in on a Friday night for?


Who needs Sarah Waters? 3 historical movies every lesbian should watch

It’s unlikely there are many people – gay or straight – who haven’t heard of Tipping the Velvet, writes Hilary Wardle. It created a generation of lesbians who can’t hear the words ”oyster”, ”mermaid” or ‘Rosie’ without instantly being whisked [...]


Religious civil partnerships to be legal from next month

The current ban on civil partnerships in religious settings may be lifted as soon as 5th December.


Is lesbian TV going downhill?

Lesbians are everywhere on TV these days. But has quantity triumphed over quality? After a summer spent liveblogging the latest lesbian reality TV, Hilary Wardle is ready to investigate…


Liveblog: Candy Bar Girls, episode 6

Can you believe it’s the final episode of Candy Bar Girls? I’m so sad. I’ve no idea what I’ll do with myself at 10pm next week. Or 11pm. Or 9pm. Or whenever the heck this series was actually on: the time slot varied more wildly than the government’s current stance on policing issues (that’s right people: it’s not all jokes about hats- I’m also capable of cutting edge political commentary).


Liveblog: Candy Bar Girls, episode 5

Good evening and welcome to the fifth week of Candy Bar Girls. Can you believe it’s been that long? To think that only a mere month ago I didn’t know who Jo was. Or that other Jo, you know, the one with the thing. Or the one with big hair, glasses and a hot girlfriend. Or whatshername, oh, it’s on the tip of my tongue…you’d know her if you saw her. She’s got a face. And shoes.


Liveblog: Candy Bar Girls, episode 4

It’s that time of week again where we don our ironic fedoras, short sleeved blazers and skinny jeans and pretend we live in Soho. To get in the mood I’m currently eating a Ukranian-Italian fusion takeaway I ordered from a simply lovely Venetian style frozen oxygen bar on Dean Street whilst listening to an all-female hipster punk band called Labia Majora play post-ironic Japanese pop versions of K.D. Lang songs on a stylophone…


Liveblog: Candy Bar Girls, episode 3

Hello and welcome to the Candy Bar Girls week three liveblog. If you missed the action last week, don’t worry! I watched it for you like some kind of benevolent Lesbian God.You can catch up here.

Incidentally, if there were lesbian gods they’d have the head of Shane from the L Word and the body of Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. I’ve given this matter quite a lot of thought.

After last week’s homage to Most Haunted, a.k.a. the entirely pointless ghost hunt in the Candy Bar, I’m anticipating this episode will contain crossovers with other hit television programmes. Maybe Danni will appear on ‘Strictly Come Pole Dancing’ and Shabby will go on Big Brothe…oh wait, hang on. Never mind.


Liveblog: Candy Bar Girls, episode 2

Hello and welcome to our first Candy Bar Girls liveblog. Well, I say ‘first’: I actually covered last week’s episode on my personal site before being invited to do the rest over here at Lesbilicious HQ. It’s much nicer at Lesbilicious though: they have cushions shaped like Ellen Degeneres and everyone’s dressed as Xena. And look, there’s the cast of Lip Service bouncing past on rainbow coloured space hoppers! How lovely… *waves*

If you’re not familiar with livebloggery, our theme for the evening is ‘gentle mockery with a side order of fun-poking’. Reality TV as a format lends itself particularly well to jokes: especially if one of the people appearing on the series is dressed like a Victorian street urchin version of Shane from the L Word.