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Jordie is a philosophy student, freelance photographer, and part time novelist; with a insatiable love for fine wines, and good food. Music, films, literature, and her dog are the keys to her heart.




Blue Is The Warmest Colour wins Cannes Palme d’Or

The lesbian love story La Vie d’Adele – Chapitre 1 & 2 (Blue Is The Warmest Colour), was picked as winner from a group of 20 films. The festival, held in Cannes – South France – showcased 12 days of [...]



9 first date dos and don’ts

So you’ve asked a girl on a date, or maybe she’s asked you, either way follow this simple guide so you don’t make common errors so many people seem to make.  Do: Offer to pay if you suggest a location [...]


Rita Ora


This bank holiday Sunday 26th May, Orange Nation & Saturn Star presents London’s biggest gay gathering which is now a festival. Held in Victoria Park London, this looks like it’s going to be one of the biggest LGBT events this year. [...]


Erin of Syren.

Scotland’s singer-songwriter ‘Syren’ hopes this will be her year.

We spoke to Erin, an openly out lesbian singer-songwriter performing under the pseudonym “Syren”. Syren is primarily based in Scotland, but Erin is originally from Texas, USA. Syren’s award-winning successes include releasing a song in aid of Breast Cancer Care, U.K; [...]


girlfriend's family

Girlfriend’s family survival guide

 We all know how it goes: you find a brilliant girl and it’s all going well. You question, “What could go wrong? This is so perfect.” Then she reminds you that you’re yet to meet her family. Just your luck [...]


David Cameron

What the Tory reshuffle means for women and the LGBT community

First spending cuts, and now female jobs cuts, all in a day’s work for a Tory Government. David Cameron’s new, reshuffled cabinet emerged earlier today, 4th September 2012, and the changes that occurred caused a stir amongst anti-conservatives and the [...]


Black Swan

Black Swan’s lesbian scene pirouettes into the complaints box

‘Black Swan’, the tale of a young ballet dancer who loses her mind, was the most complained-about film of 2011, due to its lesbian sex scene. The film, directed by Darren Aronofsky, has received complaints after viewers found the homosexual [...]


Friends at pride.

Pride Guide

This summer make sure you get down to at least one of the LGBT pride events in your area, or even somewhere further afield. This guide gives you all the tips needed to ensure your pride is as successful as [...]


Ted Lieu

Conversion therapy ban?

It seems there could be a breakthrough in the stigma against homosexuality, as the state of California may be the first to ban the therapy which aims to “convert” non heterosexual teens. ‪The therapy, which is sometimes known as reparative, or reorientation [...]



5 things no lesbian ever wants to hear

We’ve all had them. A well-meaning straight person finds out you’re a lesbian, and feels it necessary to offer ‘advice’ or ‘compliments’. And to make it worse, they always think they’re the first person to ever think to say it. So here are the top 5 things no lesbian ever wants to hear: