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By day Katie is an opinionated management accountant working for a large multinational organization. By night she is a wannabe vigilante mercilessly patrolling the streets of Glasgow… or at least she would be if she could put down the cocoa and comic books. Katie uses her powers of compulsive planning, touch-typing and ability to prioritize the bottom line for the forces of good! She sits on many an LGBT committee and has been known to blaze a trail when the campaign calls. Katie’s weaknesses include a good Malbec, political/economic discussions and the Irish.



Good to be different

Who needs politicians when there are calendar girls?

I started today in a good mood, which was surprising for a Monday morning. Nonetheless I did.  I was in a great old mood and all set to write a fluffy piece on a great stocking filler for the whole [...]


Pink Christmas

Stretching your pink pound for Christmas

Yes we know it’s only October, but now is the time to budget if you’re serious about not over-spending at Christmas.


Russian Dolls

Racism? Homophobia? The issues facing those in a minority in a minority, in a minority…

When Stonewall and Runnymede last week (September, 2012) published their report ‘One minority at a time’ it came at an interesting time in terms of visible diversity in Britain. The purpose of the report is to highlight the inadequacies of British public services in their treatment of black or minority ethnic groups who identify as Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual – ‘the multi-minority’.


unlikely to click

Internet dating: The next generation or lost in space?

The final frontier: internet dating. Once a cultural taboo, now an engrained part of our culture but is it really enhancing our community or simply leading to a generation of the socially inept?


role model

Who are the real role models? (Is it time to role up the red carpet?)

Does the LGBT community have a role model? The likes of Heather Peace, Jill Jackson and Jessie J seem to have recently become emblems to the LB community but do we actually need someone we can relate to, someone that [...]