Self confessed milk addict and full time procrastinator, KJ is a sometimes playwright with a penchant for creating quirky and unpredictable characters. Favourites so far include an agoraphobic recycling monk and a retired homeless clown obsessed with hats. Lesbilicious is her first foray into the world of article writing. Her main ambition in life is to build Ginger Island, a place where all gingers may live free of prejudice and discrimination.



GA Landscape 2

Singer songwriter Gem Andrews on music and Muma Moonshine

For the past four years something odd has happened in a sleepy town in County Durham and this year is to be no different. From the 2nd to the 4th of August 2013, beautiful music will be heard against a backdrop of sea and sand, straw bales will rustle gently in the wind, and lgbt musicians and artists will descend in tents and campervans to have a real good shindig. What is this odd occurrence I hear you say and how can I get a ticket? Well I caught up with Newcastle based musician sensation, Gem Andrews (who also happens to be co-founder of Muma Moonshine), to talk about music, camping, and guilty pleasures…


Jodie Foster

Oh what a speech!

Roll down the red carpet and party like you just won an Oscar, Jodie Foster has ‘come out’. Okay so we already know that Jodie is part of ‘our’ community, it is one of those facts that is not generally discussed but is universally accepted (much like gravity). Still, her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes was breathtaking.


Pink List 2012

Olympian Nicola Adams takes Pink List gold…

2012 just keeps getting better and better for London 2012 gold-winning boxer Nicola Adams, as she finds herself taking top podium spot in this year’s Pink List.


Saudi Arabia Ikea

Top five dos and don’ts of advertising.

To advertise or not to advertise that is the question. Once you decide to take the plunge how do you know that you are doing it right? With this in mind here is my top 5 list of dos and don’ts for those who advertise.


Pussy Riot

The iconography of Pussy Riot

Freedom of speech earned three members of the group, Pussy Riot two years in prison, as a Moscow Court found them guilty of inciting “hooliganism and religious hatred”.


That's So Gay

‘Gay’ as a ‘synonym for shitty’

I would like you to do something for me. Think back to your day, your week, even your month and count the times you have heard the word ‘gay’ as a ‘synonym for shitty’. Are you surprised by the results?


Image created by Angela Brown

The trouble with lesbian literature and other tales…

Instead of where’s Wally (or Waldo), could we now play a game of where are the new the lesbian authors?