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Ludi is a sex geek and events organiser. She likes teaching, playing with fire, and your Marxist-feminist dialectic, and dislikes transphobia, monosexism and bad lube. She runs OpenCon, an unconference on ethical non-monogamy, Poly Speed Dating, and has just started organising Cambridge Bifest. She writes about alternative sexualities, sex toys, anticapitalism and more at



moscow pride 2011, via , with thanks

Moscow Pride: a brief history

  On 17 August 2012, the same day that three members of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot were sentenced to two years behind bars, an appeal against a century-long ban on holding Pride in Moscow was refused.┬áThis lost appeal [...]



Queer sex criminalised again? Fisting pornography comes under fire from the ‘extreme porn’ laws

    This week, fisting is back in the news, with a man on trial under the recent extreme pornography laws for receiving an email containing images of fisting. The defendant, barrister Simon Walsh, has been charged with the possession [...]


fist, image by Helen G of, with thanks, editing by Ruth Pearce, with thanks

The responses to RadFem2012 show our queer and feminist communities to be standing strong against transphobia

  Earlier this month, feminists were dismayed to see that the upcoming radical feminist conference RadFem2012 had installed a policy of only allowing ‘women born women living as women’ to attend – a clumsy phrase originally reading ‘biological women only’, [...]


Transpose host CN Lester introduces novelist Roz Kaveney. Photo by Angelica, with thanks.

Event review: Transpose, Literary Edition

Last Saturday (12 May 2012), around fifty queers and allies from around the south-east crowded into a small London bookshop-cafe to listen to trans and trans-friendly artists read poetry, sing songs and tell stories, and to take part in an [...]



No thanks, Boris: supporting LGBT+ folks takes more than banning a few inflammatory bus ads

London’s Mayor Boris Johnson bans ant-gay adverts; becomes gay hero. Really? Are we that naive?



Attention lesbians: bisexuals are as much part of the LGBT community as you

The Bisexuality Report shows better bisexual-specific support from queer organisations is urgently needed.