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Maria is a writer currently living in Manhattan, though she hopes to one day vacate the city to live on a commune (the kind where you grow your own food, not the kind where you have sister wives). She is the proud creator of the memoir comic Jesus Loves Lesbians, Too as well as a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. ("Bisexual voices need to be heard!", she tells herself, as she furiously clacks away, wondering how many options the thesaurus has to offer for "making out"). Friend her in real life if you like food and biking and game nights, or feel free to stalk her on Facebook or Twitter: @JLLTMaria (she wants you to).



Mary Cheney and her Father

Sibling Strife Rumbles While Indiana Fights For Equal Rights

On December 11th, gay rights group Freedom Indiana will be hosting a reception with special guest Mary Cheney.  Mary Cheney, daughter of former US Vice President Dick Cheney, has two children with her partner of many years, whom she wed [...]


Photo by Studio D Photography

Pack up your Dancing Shoes & Head to Blackpool!

  Pull out the sequins and the shiny shoes, it’s time for the Blackpool Same-Sex Dance Competition!  On Saturday, 19th October, dancers and spectators alike will be gathering in Blackpool for an all day affair, as couples compete in either [...]



Celebrate Bi Visibility Day!

September 23rd marks the 15th annual Bi Visibility Day. Wait, what? You’ve never heard of Bi Visibility Day? Well that’s the whole point, isn’t it? Bi Visibility Day was created not only to celebrate bisexuality, but also to increase awareness [...]



Christians Speak Up! Let The World Know “We’re Not All Like That”

                   Many of you know about, and perhaps have even contributed to, the “It Gets Better” campaign that was started by author and speaker Dan Savage in the fall of 2010. The campaign is a collection of video testimonials that [...]



Orange is the New Black: A Bandwagon Worth Jumping On

Unless you were out of the country last month (like I was) you have inevitably heard (and most likely watched) the new Netflix series Orange is the New Black. I can’t remember the last time a new series has sparked [...]



And the “Cutest Couple” Goes to . . .

History was made in New York state last week, and though it may not be a landmark, government changing event, you can’t deny that it is adorable. Carmel High School released its yearbook and in the section where students voted [...]



IDAHOBIT: terrible name, great campaign

On May 17th, people all across the world will be joining virtual hands as we celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia. For those of us here in the States, this is not a widely known event, though I can only [...]



Music that draws in the lesbian fans

Last month my friends and I saw the musician Tristan Prettyman perform at the Bowery Music Hall. I will confess this was my first time seeing her, and in reality I had only just heard of her a few months [...]


Oral arguments heard at US Supreme Court later this month

Briefs filed in support of same sex marriage before Supreme Court

On March 26th and 27th, the US Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding Proposition 8 and the Defense Against Marriage Act. Last week, multiple briefs were filed in support of the American Foundation for Equal Rights’ Plaintiffs challenge against [...]



Bisexuality: Identity and Experience

On Wednesday, June 30th, the Washington Square campus of NYU opened its doors to a slew of bisexuals and bisexual allies as the Trevor Next Gen hosted a panel called “Bisexuality: Identity and Experience”. Speakers included author and editor Ron [...]



Controversy (really?) over Super Bowl Ad

Now that the holidays are winding down, it’s time for Americans to amp back up for that other winter holiday that involves too much spending, excitement, and over-eating . . .the Super Bowl. On February 3rd, 2013, New Orleans will [...]


Propaganda 8

U.S. Supreme Court Delivers More (non) News on Prop 8

The Supreme Court finally addressed the California Prop 8 appeal and the Defense of Marriage Act on Friday, December 7, behind closed doors.  As you may recall, Prop 8 was a ban on same sex marriage that California voters implemented [...]


Obama Wins!!

The Votes are in: Marriage Equality Wins!

2012 is the year for LGBT rights in the US of A. Not only did Americans re-elect a president that has continued to fight for equal rights (thank heavens!) and reject a man that was intent upon revoking equal rights, [...]


Sally Field and her son Sam

Sally Field Nails Acceptance Speech at HRC Dinner

On Saturday, October 6, the Human Rights Campaign hosted its National Dinner in Washington DC, highlighting the progress of LGBT equality and honoring various members of society who have done their part in supporting equal rights across the country and [...]


Chris Kluwe, the silver-tongued punter

American Football Players Unite in Support of Marriage Equality (and prove that the pen is still mightier than the sword)

American football fans, it’s time to celebrate.  Not only is the season upon us, but we now have even more reason to support America’s favorite past-time (Or is that baseball?  Can it be both?).  The face of the NFL is [...]


HRC Graphic

Romney chooses Ryan, and what this means to you

Mitt Romney’s recently announced running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, is an appropriate choice for many reasons. In addition to being an uber Republican, a die hard Catholic (you know, the kind that wants to involve itself in maneuvering women’s rights), [...]


Jennifer Tyrell and Son

Former den mother rallies against the Boy Scouts, shows she’s not alone

On Wednesday, July 18th, former Cub Scout leader Jennifer Tyrrell upheld the boy scout slogan, “Do a good turn daily”, but she multiplied that by 300,000. After a disheartening vote on Tuesday the 17th, one in which the Boy Scouts [...]


Colorado State Capitol Building

Disappointment abounds in Colorado, U.S.A.

The Denver Post reports that Colorado State Representative Marsha Looper is “very, very disappointed” that her gay son was outed via an email making the rounds amongst El Paso County voters. The original email was sent to her campaign, but [...]


Check out that "gaylo"!

President Obama, the first gay angel

Ok, US President Barack Obama is neither gay nor a heavenly being with white wings, but if you caught the cover of Newsweek magazine, it appears that some people may disagree with me. Last week’s touching and monumental interview where [...]