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Mia lives in Vancouver on Canada’s beautiful west coast and splits her time between writing, building things out of LEGO, socialising with friends and of course, spending cozy nights in with her English missus. She has been married since 2009 and recently returned to Canada after living in the UK for almost three years. Mia loves adventure, travel, languages, empowering women and laughing ‘til she cries. She’s been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen.



The Vancouver Dyke March

Checking out Commercial Drive, Vancouver’s queer paradise

One of the greatest places to spend time in Vancouver if you’re Lesbian, Queer, Bi or simply interested is Commercial Drive on Vancouver’s east side. Originally touted as ‘Little Italy’, Commercial Drive was historically the landing spot for Italian immigrants [...]



Web Series LESlieVILLE explores common lesbian theme

I recently discovered a new Canadian online short film series called LESlieVILLE. It’s shot in Toronto and the subject matter centres on two women who find themselves attracted to one another but one of them is in a committed relationship. [...]



Canadian Parliament Approves Transgender Rights Bill

On the 20th March 2013, by a vote of 149-137 the Canadian House of Commons approved a bill making it illegal to discriminate against people who are transgendered.  The Conservative Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, who has very openly [...]


Same Sex Marriage Rings

The Threatening Face of Same-Sex Marriage

  In February both France and the UK voted in favour of legalising same-sex marriage. What took them so long? The demonstrations in France against same-sex marriage boggled the mind. What on earth could same-sex married couples do so differently [...]



Not just New Delhi: we’re all guilty of onlooker apathy

In late spring of 2001 I was working in Vancouver’s notorious downtown east side where drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution and poverty is rife. One day I rode to work with my then-supervisor. As we made our way toward work, a [...]