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Renata Costa

Renata writes fiction, personal essays, and commentaries on the interactions between cultures, especially Latino cultures, and sexuality. She has published in the Barcelona Review, the Revista Mexicana de Literatura Contemporánea, and the Cobalt Review. She lives in a small town in the USA, where she has been preparing her coming out as bisexual for the better part of her life. One day she will!




Fresh out of the closet – but Justice Kennedy might have another ready for us

I am about to come out as a lesbian—free to be myself for the first time in decades. Will I be thrown into another closet—a different one, but just as paralyzing?

It all depends on Anthony Kennedy.



How does society throw a gender non-conforming kid into the closet?

Sometimes TV reveals how parents repress their children. In the ABC show “What would you do?” actors playing a mother and a son walk into a costume store in New York City and argue about what Halloween costume the little boy should wear. Meanwhile, a hidden camera picks up the shoppers’ attitudes towards this conflict.


Jennifer Lopez

Why homophobic pressure group One Million Moms hates Jennifer Lopez (and why you should love her)

With her upcoming show The Fosters, Jennifer López is reaffirming the definition of family as inclusive of same-gender parents, biological and non-biological children, and multiple ethnicities. Unsurprisingly, anti-gay groups in the USA are panicking. The ABC Family show will tell [...]