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Rosie Hayes

Rosie Hayes moved to London seven years ago after qualifying as a journalist in Brighton. She works in digital marketing and her passions in life include festivals, Dyson hand dryers, her wife and her cat (not necessarily in that order). She is the author of popular blog Not a Londoner http://notalondoner.com/




Why it’s great being a lesbian

I went for a drink with one of my straight female friends the other day who wanted to have a moan about her boyfriend. She was getting weary of his addiction to video games and his poor personal hygiene. As [...]



The story of Jane and Jessica

Jane is 34 years old and lives in a London Borough called Leafbury with her 30-year-old partner Eric. She has four children from a previous relationship, aged 14, 12, 10 and 8, but they do not live with Jane and [...]



Left-handed people should not be allowed to marry

Like about 90% of the population, I am right-handed. I don’t necessarily have a problem with left-handed people, in fact a friend of one of my very best friends is left-handed, I just don’t like the thought of what left-handed [...]


Cathy Glass (not real name) has been a foster mother for the last 20 years. She has written 3 bestselling books about some of the children that she has looked after. Her books include, Damaged, Cut and Hidden. " The Saddest girl in the world" is released

Could you be a foster carer?

There is a shortage of foster carers in the UK, with The Telegraph reporting that 9,000 new foster homes are urgently needed. Fostering agencies are particularly keen to attract carers from the LGBT community as they represent a huge potential resource, yet are largely underrepresented [...]



Heroes and villains of the election campaign

The queer world is on tenterhooks. The results of the US presidential election are imminent and soon we will know if voters have chosen Obama, supporter of equality and gay marriage, or Romney, the traditionalist who does not believe gays [...]


Fift Shades of Grey abuse campaigners

Is Fifty Shades of Grey so bad it should be burned?

Last week Clare Philipson, a director of a women’s refuge, urged people to gather copies of controversial book Fifty Shades of Grey to be burned on a bonfire on 5th November. Clare is Director of Wearside Women in Need, a [...]



Top 10 lesbian holiday destinations

Another penalty shootout exit, another torrential downpour… yet again, the UK is proving to be a rather miserable place to be this summer. If you’re feeling the pain then why not take yourself off to one of Lesbilicious’s top ten [...]



The highs and lows of online dating

Sometimes I think whoever created my genetic makeup forgot to install the gaydar. I have always loved women since a monumental crush on Kylie (or ‘Charlene from Neighbours’) when I was eight years old, but my lack of gaydar meant [...]



The Mrs versus Ms debate

With civil partnerships becoming increasingly common and fully fledged gay marriage close on the horizon, new precedents are being set for lesbians tying the knot. Will coupled lesbians choose the straight-sounding ‘Mrs’ as their title or opt for the more [...]



Gay couples may soon be able to marry in a church, but will they want to?

Steady progress is being made towards equality for gay couples wishing to marry, but how many will take advantage of the new legislation?