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Sara’s been writing since her teenage years, making it one of the constants in her otherwise varied life! She has worked in a range of industries, from chicken farming to criminal justice, giving her lots of scope for her writing. Recently, Sara made the decision to become a full time writer and enjoys writing both factually and creatively. When away from her desk, Sara can be found either with her wife and two lovely sons, listening to music, walking the dog or very occasionally down the pub enjoying a bottle of beer.




Halloween Viewing – 5 ‘Lesbian’ Horror Movies

If you are a fan of horror films then Halloween is the perfect excuse to have a horror film marathon. Whether it’s a popcorn fest with your friends or an opportunity to scare and comfort someone you want to be [...]


Hands heart

Should you convert your Civil Partnership to a Marriage? What a proposition!

You can legally marry your wife now, but do you really want to? Women have been calling their significant others ‘wife’ for a long time. In fact, since long before it was even conceivable that we would one day be allowed [...]


Everyday Lesbophobia

“Homophobia with a side order of sexism” – it’s time to take lesbophobia off the menu

“Which one of you is the man?” “You don’t look like a lesbian.” “Can I join in?” “You just haven’t met the right man yet.” “I’m sure I could turn you.” … and so the list of lesbophobic comments goes [...]



No, I didn’t have sex with a man to get pregnant – lesbian parenting demystified

I happen to be a mother of two fantastic children and I can definitely, 100% guarantee that I did not have sex with any men in order to have either child, not even for the baby that I carried and [...]