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Sarah is training to be an interfaith minister and enjoys writing, politics, and men with beards. She maintains her own blog on both gay and non-gay stuff at SarahMcCulloch.com.



do we need gay pride

There will be no equal pride as long as we are not equal

A few weeks ago, Channel 4 asked me to participate in their 4Thought programme on being LGBT and Jewish (I’d previously sourced them a friend for a different theme) to coincide with London Pride. I agreed, filmed it, and thought [...]



We’re all just pawns to the Tories

For the most part, there has never been a better time in history to be LGBT on this earth. But every so often, in my Western middle class world, the march towards full equality halts for a breather, or there’s [...]



The Pope’s resigned! What does that mean for LGBT people?

Yesterday, 11 February 2013, Pope Benedict XVI, the Vatican enforcer, “God’s Rottweiler” and paradoxically, the “teaching Pope” and author of a pastoral letter to the world’s Catholics praising sexual love, has today announced that he is resigning from his position [...]



Order the Confetti! But is Homophobia a Vote-Winner Anymore?

SO! Same sex marriage! Second Reading! 400 votes to 175!  Today is a truly great day for LGBT people in Britain. The last form of de jure discrimination is falling. It’s been less of a great day for David Cameron, [...]



Religious gay marriage ban will only cover Anglicans now. Woo.

This coalition government in the UK is a funny one. Having gone to such effort to make it clear that their same sex marriage consultation was regarding civil marriage only, having faced down a major revolt by the more traditionally [...]



Religious people can be gay – get over it!

Talking about gay marriage is all the rage at the moment, as one of the last legal barriers towards full equality. There’s other things that we need to talk about, like hate crime, and homophobia in schools, but same sex [...]