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Soline Marie

Soline is the “French touch” of Lesbilicious. She has one foot in academic research and one in performance and visual arts. She has a dance background and wrote for cultural magazines in Paris whilst pursuing her MA in Cultural Studies. Her paper focused on the portrayal of lesbians in the mass media and was criticizing 'The L Word'. She joined the editorial team of Lesbilicious in March 2012.



The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

The Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girlfriends

It is already December and I know a lot of you are counting down the days till Christmas but are also slightly freaking out cause they are missing THE fabulous and original gift idea to surprise and overwhelm their honey [...]


Marseille Lesbian Kiss

Kisses of resistance to support same-sex marriage in France

Following the already cult kiss of Julia and Auriane last week, on Tuesday the 23rd of October 2012 in Marseille, the resistance is organizing to counteract the anti-gay marriage campaign.   The spontaneous kiss of Julia and Auriane in Marseille [...]


Anti-Gay Marriage Campaign by Civitas

Heated debate about gay marriage in France postpones its legalization

“Marriage is contracted by two people of opposite sex or by two people of same sex” stipulates the proposition of law opening marriage and parenthood to LGBT people, initially planned to be examined by the French Ministers on the 31st [...]


Street Harassment documentary 'Femme de la Rue'

Street Harassment: the taboo is finally breaking

The neglected phenomenon of street harassment suffered by a majority of women in Brussels as well as in other European cities is the subject of the documentary  ‘Femme de la rue’ (‘Woman of the Street’) by student filmmaker Sofie Peteers.  [...]


UK Black Pride

LGBT and straight people of any color, come have fun at the UK Black Pride

The upcoming UK Black Pride is taking place in London on Saturday, the 18th of August 2012. The 7th edition, supported by Stonewall, will bring together renowned artists and LGBT people from ethnic minorities at nightclub Ministry of Sound. Many [...]


Golden Dawn, extreme-right Greek party

Extreme-right Greek party threatens gay people: “After immigrants, you’re next”

The openly neo-Nazi, racist and homophobic party Golden Dawn – whose name was borrowed from Alfred Rosenberg, the theoretician of Nazism – made its entry to the Greek Parliament this weekend, with 18 deputies out of 300. Golden Dawn gained [...]


The Top 5 French lesbians

The top 5 women who rock the French lesbian world

France is somewhat behind in terms of lesbian representations. The French lesbians are still waiting for their Ellen DeGeneres to gain more visibility in the mainstream society. The recent political events are leaning towards the good direction, – marriage for [...]


Victory of Socialist Hollande on 06/05/12

François Hollande President: What is going to change for LGBT people in France

François Hollande was elected new President of the French Republic last Sunday, the 6th of May 2012, with 51.67% of the votes, defeating Nicolas Sarkozy. Hollande is the second socialist elected President of the 5th Republic, 31 years after François [...]