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Help save queer activist Ira from deportation to Russia

Irina, a queer Russian activist currently being detained in the UK, is facing fast-track deportation this week. If she goes back to Russia she is likely to be attacked and possibly killed. Help her stay safe in the UK. Irina [...]



Don’t be too quick to congratulate Tom Daley on coming out as gay

British Olympic diver Tom Daley announced yesterday (2 Dec 2013) that he was dating a guy. Within 24 hours the coming out video had 5.5million views on YouTube. Reactions on social media and the mainstream press have ranged from delight [...]



Mamming – the breast cancer campaign that may do more harm than good?

‘Mamming’ is the latest internet craze, but it’s sending out the wrong messages about breast cancer screening, writes Dr Monika Merkes. Should you have missed it, mamming involves resting (clothed) female breasts on a flat surface, taking a photo and [...]



Bi-Furious Me: if you didn’t watch Channel 4′s latest show on bisexuality, then lucky you

Bi-Curious Me is a Channel 4 documentary which aired last night (Thursday 20 June 2013). It claimed to ‘explore the stories of three women as they come to terms with changes in their sexuality, and question whether our new-found sexual [...]



There’s nothing funny about exploitation: why I’ll never enter the Funny Women competition

National comedy competition Funny Women has been branded as greedy and unethical for asking comedians to pay to enter its competition. Comedian Nat Wicks explains why she won’t be entering… In stand up comedy, I am a new act; I’ve [...]


Julie Burchill's transphobic rant in The Observer was taken down and an apology issued by the editor, but the fall out continues

A letter to Julie Burchill

As the fall-out from Julie Burchill’s transphobic polemic in The Observer continues, Nathan Gale offers us his personal and heart-wrenching thoughts on the matter. Dear Julie, It’s four o’clock in the morning and I’m awake. And sobbing. As a trans [...]



Lesbian cinema in Newcastle – ‘Straight as a Rainbow’: Hopeful Romantic Film Season

Last year I decided to set myself a task of watching as many ‘lesbian’ films as I could; good or bad, I was just going to plough my way through them, writes Anna Llewellyn. Actually it hasn’t taken me that [...]



Why Stonewall is wrong to name a ‘Bigot of the Year’

Stonewall’s annual awards celebrate the LGBT community’s heroes and villains. But is the category ‘Bigot of the Year’ just unhelpful name-calling? Last week Stonewall announced that Scotland’s Roman Catholic leader, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, had been awarded the “Bigot of the [...]


Bad Reputation, London club night

I went to London’s ‘Bad Reputation’ riot grrrl queer night and all I got was an awesome time

Sick of shiny, crass Candy Bar, straight-packed GAY-Late and vapid scene queens who think they’re the dog’s bollocks with bells on? Hey Londoner, you got yourself a jammy new queer hang out to play in!


Why are lesbians all vegetarian?

Why are lesbians so often vegetarian or vegan? And if most lesbians are vegeterian, does it also follow that most vegetarians are lesbians…?


Exclusive interview with Lip Service’s Heather Peace

Lip Service’s only out lesbian actress Heather Peace talks exclusively to Lesbilicious about playing TV’s sexiest cop, her music career and what to expect from Season 2 of Lip Service.


A history of the vibrator

Although women today use vibrators for sexual pleasure, the Victorians invented them for a very different reason, writes Jen Newby.


Why do lesbians love gay man porn?

There’s a guilty secret in the lesbian community. Tell your friends or lovers and you’ll risk being ridiculed, disbelieved and shunned. But sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll get the same confession back, a whispered admission of the lust that dare not [...]


Is Pink a lesbian?

It’s official: Pink loves penis. Below is a transcript of the singer explaining all on a radio phone-in: