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Sue is an English teacher, part-time writer, avid bookworm, grammar pedant, and self-confessed geek. She loves sport and has a regular running habit (admitting the problem is the first step to rehabilitation!) A fond follower of acoustic music, her dream gig would involve copious amounts of Heather Peace, Jill Jackson, Ed Sheeran, Emilie Sande, Indigo Girls, Adele and kd lang, hosted jointly by Sue Perkins and Stephen Fry. Yes, it is a strange little world in which she lives...! Follow on Twitter: @suecurley82



kinder egg gender

Sugar and spice versus slugs and snails

Kinder: purveyor of harmless ‘do-it-yourself’ toys or gender discrimination nightmare? Read on and decide for yourself…



Sochi 2014: the Games that is about so much more than medals

Russia’s LGBT policies are a shocking violation of human rights. Could Sochi 2014 be used as an international platform for highlighting this fact? We certainly hope so…


eurovision finland kiss

The Big, Gay Eurovision Review

It’s big, it’s gay and it’s here to stay. Relive all the sequins, songs and controversy with the Lesbilicious Eurovision 2013 review…



New Zealand: “my love for you endures and remains forevermore”

History was made on Wednesday 17th April 2013 in the New Zealand Parliament as MPs voted 77 to 44 in favour of legalising same-sex marriage. Joining Belgium, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Norway, South Africa, Sweden and Uruguay, they are now the 13th nation in the world to legally recognise same-sex marriage.



Section 28 – a Thatcher legacy

Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988, banning the “promotion of homosexuality” was one of the most opposed pieces of legislation during Margaret Thatcher’s Premiership. I was a student under Section 28. Now I am a teacher; I am no longer governed by this legislation but I am working in the shadow of it. Oh, and I’m gay. These are my thoughts on the bill itself, and its legacy…


Lesbian wedding threatens to break up heterosexual marriage.

Gay Marriage Destroys the World (again)

In a week when yet another absurd comment has been made about the possible outcome of the gay marriage bill, Lesbilicious looks into the crystal ball of those who oppose this legislation, to try to imagine the future they see taking shape if it is passed…



Heather Peace’s Fight For video released


The second single from HP’s Fairytales album, Fight For, is to be released on 11th March. And, in the meantime, the anticipation is being built with the release of the official video this week.



The Lesbilicious Guide to Meeting Your Perfect Woman

Are you a sexy single lady? Is Valentine’s Day making you reconsider your romantic status? Would you like a similarly hot female to shower with cute, fluffy bunnies and chocolate related products? Then look no further. Lesbilicious is here with….
*cue drum roll and gasps of unmitigated anticipation*
… the ultimate guide to finding your perfect woman.


Lana Wachowski

Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award Winner Lana Wachowski gives her acceptance speech

On receiving the HRC Visibility Award, Lana Wachowski, co-creator of the Matrix film trilogy, gives a funny and moving speech about growing up transgender



To come out or not to come out…is that the question?

The 11th October 2012 was National Coming Out Day. But is there really a need for such an observance?


Clare Balding

Clare Balding, Sue Perkins…. where are all the other lesbians on TV?

After her superb presentation of both the Olympics and Paralympics this summer, Clare Balding is the name on everyone’s lips. But how many like her are following in her footsteps?



Here come the girls: watch out for these women at the London 2012 Olympic Games

Looking forward to the Olympics? Want to support our amazing females athletes? Well, if you love cheering on Jess Ennis, Rebecca Adlington and Victoria Pendleton and you want more, read on: this is your definitive guide to some of the minority women’s sports, from which our rising female stars will hopefully shine…



The gay celeb closet: to come out or not to come out?

With the news that Anderson Cooper has publicly come out as a gay man, we ask: do gay and bisexual celebrities have a moral duty to come out?


Frodo and Sam

The top 8 children’s character bromances

So, you’ve heard the top 8 lesbilicious children’s characters. But what about the boys? Well, here are the top 8 children’s character bromances…


Brutal, horrific and wrong

Euro 2012 host nation: first racist, now homophobic?

As Euro 2012 approaches, the football seems to be fading into insignificance against a backdrop of human rights scandal. Racism is rife in the Ukraine and has this been much publicised, but what of the core of homophobic views and actions that riddle the country?


Malawi's new hope?

Let’s not ‘Banda’ homosexuality

After years of living in fear and anonymity, finally the gay communities of Malawi might have something to smile about. Can this set a precedent for reform elsewhere?



‘It Gets Better’ – the message for a new generation

Charity singles: a tired concept which do more for the performers’ egos than any good causes? Usually, yes. But here’s a song that breaks the mold – a song to help remind young LGBT kids that they’re not alone, and things will get better.