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Taylor Milam is an English major at UCLA in Los Angeles. She loves dogs, running, adventures, and mornings that begin with coffee. In addition to being an all around life enthusiast, Taylor is madly in love with her British partner. They are currently long-distance between London and L.A and she’s counting down the days until they share the same zip code for good. For some more butch/femme long-distance love check out their blog, Alex and Tay Everyday. Taylor also writes over at her lesbian lifestyle blog, The Sapphic Scoop.




A queer’s guide to holiday survival

Break out your stockings and hang up your mistletoe because the holiday season is upon us.  It’s a time of joy, happiness and…family reunions. Wait, what?  If the thought of venturing back to your hometown creates panic and an excessive [...]



A lesbian’s worst nightmare: The “Lezbro”

I came out as a massive lesbian a little over a year ago. Until that fateful day, I had lived as a “straight” girl.  I often think about how wonderful my life could have been if I had only discovered [...]



Can Miley Cyrus’ pseudo lesbian antics help young lesbians?

It seems that the web-wide buzz about Miley Cyrus has finally started to die down. As such, it feels like the perfect time to discuss a potentially unpopular opinion. So here goes: maybe Miley is helping some would-be lesbians. In [...]