July 17, 2012

IconBlack Swan’s lesbian scene pirouettes into the complaints box

‘Black Swan’, the tale of a young ballet dancer who loses her mind, was the most complained-about film of 2011, due to its lesbian sex scene.

Black Swan

The film, directed by Darren Aronofsky, has received complaints after viewers found the homosexual scene between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis too explicit for the ‘15’ age rating it was given.

Whilst the film rocketed through the box office and saw a record number of 2.7 million pay to see it, it also had more complaints than any other film in 2011.

Many viewers claimed they thought the film was “about ballet, not about lesbians”. Some viewers complained because they felt the sexual violence shown should have meant it was branded an 18-rated film.

The love scene, which caused so much uproar, between Nina (Natalie Portman) and Lily (Mila Kunis) may have been explicit to some, yet the BBFC stated that the scene was “discreet” and was fitting well within their guidelines for what a 15-rated film could and should contain.

But was it the explicitness that the viewers were complaining about, or the fact that Kunis and Portman were portrayed as homosexuals? Whilst some viewers claimed the sexual violence led to complaints, it seems the lesbian involvement was the main crux of their argument.

Considering 2.7 million people went to watch Black Swan, a mere 40 complaints doesn’t seem a great deal to brag about. Woman In Black received 120 complaints about its 12A rating, Black swan only got 40, hardly any in comparison.

The BBFC stated that they have “a clear policy in the guidelines” and they “don’t differentiate or discriminate whether it’s a straight or gay or lesbian scene.”

What do you think?

Should ‘Black Swan’ have been granted an 18-rated film because of its sexual violence, or because of its lesbian scenes, or perhaps even both? Or is it right to be a 15-rated film?

3 Responses to Black Swan’s lesbian scene pirouettes into the complaints box

  1. Jenn says:

    Any complaints shud have been for the mingin bit with the fingernail!! Don’t see why the sex bothers people tbh

  2. Ms.Tiptress says:

    Yea, it was all b/c they were lesbians, I agree with Jenn that nail biting scene I couldn’t sit through. And what about the scene with Mila and the dance teacher.. they had sex to, Natalie watched it. I don’t see complaints about that..

    It was all because they were portrayed as lesbians… 15 yr old see, do, hear, and think worse things then that 5 minute scene.

Jordie Black


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