Lesbian Spider Queen goes viral

Lesbian Spider Queen of Mars April 18th, 2011 by Ruth.Pearce

An 8-bit flash game themed around retro sci-fi lesbian bondage has become a massive hit. Lesbian Spider Queen of Mars has been played almost 120,000 times since its launch two weeks ago.

The free game – hosted by entertainment website Adult Swim – was designed by self-proclaimed “artdyke” Anna Anthropy. It requires the player to recapture armed but near-naked female slaves whilst guiding the titular spider queen around a 2D maze reminiscent of Pacman and Wizard of Wor.

Anthropy says that “the name came first […] it took me three years to invent a game worthy of the title”. She explains that the central character was deliberately given the powerful ability to capture any slaves she happens to be facing, in an intentional “inversion of those arcade games with overwhelming, taunting antagonist”.

Lesbian Spider Queen of Mars is the most explicitly gay game available on Adult Swim, but isn’t the first to attract attention from the LGBT community. The site’s second most popular title is Robot Unicorn Attack: a game renowned for its colourful landscape, many rainbows and Erasure soundtrack.

You can play Lesbian Spider Queen of Mars here.


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