June 30, 2011

IconCandy Bar Girls come under criticism

Ofcom has launched an investigation into a series of promos for the upcoming Channel 5 show “Candy Bar Girls” after the media regulator received ten complaints about the shorts.

Each of the three adverts shows a number of suggestive shots of two women before revealing that they are actually engaging in a mundane activity. In one teaser, neon lights flash the words “pussy loving ladies” before two women are seen stroking a fake cat as a voiceover asks: “Well, what were you expecting?”

Ofcom decided to examine the impact of airing the shorts before the watershed after viewers suggested that they may be in breach of advertising standards.

“It’s not about being salacious,” claimed Jeff Ford of Channel 5, “it’s about our mission to reflect Britain and maybe people who haven’t been reflected, perhaps ever.”

The new reality TV show focuses on the staff and customers of London’s Candy Bar as new owner Gary Henshaw relaunches the long-running lesbian venue. The cast will include former “Big Brother” contestant Shabby Katchadourian.

“Viewers will be drawn into a world filled with raunchy drama and unique characters,” explains the program’s profile on the Channel 5 website. “The series aims to explore the day-to-day experiences of the girls as they look for the ideal date, find the perfect flat-mate and deal with relationship break ups.”

“The series will also explore the girls’ relationships with their families and find out how their parents and those closest to them feel about their lifestyle choices.”

1 Response to Candy Bar Girls come under criticism

  1. Kaylee says:

    They should really be careful about putting “lifestyle choices” at the end of their description. I can see that getting a few annoyed emails sent.

Ruth Pearce


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