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Religious civil partnerships to be legal from next month

Church window November 2nd, 2011

The current ban on civil partnerships in religious settings may be lifted as soon as 5th December. (more…)

Sex toy review: Je Joue Mimi

Sh! November 1st, 2011

This begins well, from the ribbon tied, deep matt black box (would make a lovely present) to how well it is designed throughout.

The Mimi is packaged as ‘an introduction to your first sex toy’, but I have been through quite a few less able products and now the Mimi has arrived, I have finally arrived at something designed with us in mind.

The whole design is fab; it’s shaped like a pebble which fits neatly into your hand and is made of warm silicone. There is a light which comes to let you know it’s on, or charging, but there are no lumps or bumps throughout the whole surface. The only place there are, is on the end, with a small + and – button.

The Mimi charges from a plug with a magnetic charger…. Woo hoo, no more batteries or strange cables; that in itself has to be worth the £60 price tag.

It has 10 settings, 5 vibrating ones which go from slow rumble to strong, then 5 pulses which are very imaginative and there is no horrendous buzz to put you off proceedings. There is so much choice you have to be careful not to use it like a remote control. We kept flicking through the controls and ended up in hysterics!

One thing about this toy is that it makes you smile. It oozes quality and dispenses with the faff factor. It is even safe to use it in the bath. Charge it, turn it on, put it where you want it and away you go. You can use it solo or together, with lube or without. The only concern I have, is that it may actually do away with the need for a partner (or food, or getting out).

Review summary

Marks out of 10: 9
If the Je Joue Mimi were food, it would be: champagne
To sum up the Je Joue Mimi in one word: happy

Tech spec

Price: £60
Material: Silicone
Intensity on full power: Strong but bearable
Volume on full power: Very quiet

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Disclosure: Sh! Women’s Store is an advertiser on Lesbilicious.

Majority of women may be bisexual

kiss October 25th, 2011

New research from the United States suggests that most women experience same-sex attraction. (more…)

Is dating a friend a good idea?

couple holding hands October 20th, 2011

It has become a cliché at weddings, writes Daniela Baker. A teary-eyed bride saying she married her best friend. It’s a romantic notion that two people are so much in tune with one another that they want to be together forever. Many will scoff and close the door on ever harboring romantic thoughts for a friend, while others will more than entertain it. (more…)

Say it to Sappho: She is jealous of my best friend

Sappho October 6th, 2011

“Dear Sappho. My girlfriend is causing problems by being jealous of me spending time with my best friend. (more…)

Sex toy review: Nosy Tickler Vibrator

Nosy Tickler September 27th, 2011

“You might like the whole collection to display on your mantelpiece” writes Tess Owen. (more…)

Gay couples less likely to divorce

gay marriage September 23rd, 2011

Newly released figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) indicate that straight couples in England and Wales are more likely to divorce than same-sex partners. The findings come against a backdrop of growing public support for civil partnerships and gay marriage. (more…)

Newlyweds to sue after Thompson honeymoon ‘nightmare’

wedding rings September 21st, 2011

A lesbian couple claim that they were treated in a “homophobic manner” during a Thompson holiday in the Dominican Republic. (more…)

Sleep schedules, chores and colour-coordinated shirts: a guide to living with your girlfriend

Two pairs of boots September 9th, 2011

Congratulations! You’re moving in together, writes Jade Evans. Either the financial troubles have gotten to you both, and you’re being practical about the benefits of having a roommate, or you are well and truly on your way to love - the forever type. (more…)

Say it to Sappho: She thinks I’ll leave her for a man

Sappho September 5th, 2011

“Hi Sappho. My girlfriend and I have been together for a year now. We just celebrated. I’ve recently proposed to her and she said yes. We are both really excited about our wedding. However there is one thing that’s been weighing down on me. She’s my first lesbian relationship. (more…)

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