January 7, 2013

IconControversy (really?) over Super Bowl Ad

Now that the holidays are winding down, it’s time for Americans to amp back up for that other winter holiday that involves too much spending, excitement, and over-eating . . .the Super Bowl.

On February 3rd, 2013, New Orleans will be host to the 47th Super Bowl and televisions across America (and of course, internationally) will be blaring the play by plays as well as the entertaining commercials that have become almost as famous as the game itself.

So what’s the controversy that has piqued my LGBT loving ears? Well, it involves television network CBS and one of America’s most lovable gay actors, Neil Patrick Harris. Harris has been out for quite some time and is the star of the very popular CBS series “How I Met Your Mother”, as well as countless films and theater productions. Let’s get serious, this guy is likable and has an insane amount of fans thanks to his acting, his LGBT stance, and his huge internet presence. It’s no wonder CBS has used him for a Super Bowl ad. The commercial shows Neil Patrick Harris wearing eye black with the date “Feb. 3, 2013” printed inside the eye black. This is done in the same style that famous Christian football player Tim Tebow notoriously used to broadcast Bible verses.

So again, what’s the controversy? Apparently some people (specifically conservative writer Joe Kovacs) feel that not only is Neil Patrick Harris mocking Tim Tebow but he is also mocking Christianity. Honestly. The poll submitted by the site clearly shows that Americans find this to be true (and by Americans, I mean the hundreds of readers who apparently read this news site and bother to take the poll). If Harris was sporting a fake Bible verse, or a direct attack against Jesus or Tebow, then I could understand the accusation. But no, he is simply announcing the dates of the 2013 Super Bowl, which makes sense as it is an ad for the 2013 Super Bowl. But wait! That isn’t all! These people are upset because not only did CBS allow someone to mimic Tim Tebow, but they allowed an openly gay actor! Who is gay! And open! This appears to be the real clencher, the hammer driving that mocking nail in, the real reason so many panties are bunched in a wad.

And forgive me for laughing when I saw that almost half the readers are voting to boycott CBS. Something tells me that when it comes down to game time, those same readers might forget their heated and passionate torch waving and might find themselves turning the channel to that evil station just in time for kickoff.

As for me? I’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl.

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  1. FromSF says:

    That’s so crazy! It’s the same technique they used when they announced Beyonce as the halftime performer.

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