June 19, 2012

IconExtreme-right Greek party threatens gay people: “After immigrants, you’re next”

Golden Dawn, extreme-right Greek party

The openly neo-Nazi, racist and homophobic party Golden Dawn – whose name was borrowed from Alfred Rosenberg, the theoretician of Nazism – made its entry to the Greek Parliament this weekend, with 18 deputies out of 300.

Golden Dawn gained about 7% of the votes after the elections on 17th June 2012.

A copy-paste of Nazi references

It is quite a big shock for Greeks and for the whole Europe to witness the revival of ghosts that were believed to belong to the past. Unlike other extreme-right European political parties, Golden Dawn and his leader Nikos Michaloliakos are not even hiding their political heritage or pretending they deny any totalitarian, racist or homophobic ideology.

Beyond the ghastly decorum – black cross on red background flag, Hitlerian salute – Michaloliakos confidently declared in the media that Hitler is “a great historical personality of the 20th century” and that gas chambers never existed.

Golden Dawn, Greek extreme-right party

“Time for fear”

Golden Dawn leaders and members are not only extremely violent in words, they regularly come to physical actions.

At the beginning of June, the number two of the party, Ilias Kasidiaris, burst out in anger live on TV and punched in the face two female leftist politicians.

The party is more of a Milice (a local vigilant group) than a political party. The members decided to clear the streets of Athens of all the illegal immigrants (and the others) who reach Europe via Greece – due to its strategic position, 9 immigrants out of 10 got into Europe through Greece in 2010.

The party is famous for its regular ‘pogroms’ against immigrants, supported by iron bars or even white weapons. When Michaloliakos was asked how he would sort out the problem of immigration, he simply replied: “I let you imagine”.

A social role

The most worrying is that Golden Dawn meets a very big echo in a society overwhelmed with economical chaos. Its members tend to replace the police to deal with local offence.

They also play a social role for the elderly and all those left behind by the recession, assuring the safety of more fragile people and distributing food to those in need.

Golden Dawn undoubtedly benefits from the general climate of xenophobia generated by deprivations and the general collapse of the standard of living suffered by the Greek population since the beginning of austerity policy in 2009.

“I wouldn’t feel proud if I were a fag”

 This quote by Nikos Michaloliakos concluded a speech about the “abnormality” of homosexuals, who are obviously “not welcome” to Golden Dawn. He also regretted the absence of a “test” which would enable him to know with certitude who is gay or not in the party.

In 2005 already, Golden Dawn demonstrated its hostility to gay people by handing out homophobic flyers during the Athens Gay Pride.

More recently, Golden Dawn openly threatened the gay community by leaving flyers in Gazi, the gay area of Athens, where one could read: “After the immigrants, you’re next’.

Greece and homosexuality: a fraught relationship

 Sappho and her only-girls Lesbos island are definitely relegated to the status of a distant myth. The situation for LGBT people in Greece was already far from easy, and is now going even more backwards.

Greece has been somewhat stuck between tradition and modernity and has adopted a really fraught attitude towards homosexuality. Whist everyone is aware that many pop stars and national icons are gay, and despite centuries of history that generated the word “Lesbian” itself, the young generation still has a hard time coming out of the closet.

Standard family is still the primary institution and the mentalities don’t seem to evolve much. Many LGBT people therefore choose not to live openly their homosexuality, creating a vicious circle and never triggering the chance for a whole generation to eventually change things.

In the chaotic first decade of the 21st century, with the hatred and the threatening demonstrated on the public scene, young LGBT now have good reasons to be scared of coming out.

5 Responses to Extreme-right Greek party threatens gay people: “After immigrants, you’re next”

  1. MIchail says:

    Good article and its nice to see support from the online independent press outside of Greece. I would just like to make 2 comments. Only one of the women,Liana Kaneli,was physically attacked. Ms Dourou
    had water thrown on her. Obviously this doesn’t make Kassidiaris act more appropriate in anyway.
    The other one is my own personal opinion. I think that even though you share good information you can try to overcome the restiction of presenting this as an attack against the gay community. The Golden Dawn group are a threat to free thinking people. It is of a much of wider social concern that will not just target 1-2 groups. And they can affect immigrants, straight, gay, leftists, muslims etc. I think that it is also critical to present a more dynamic approach. There is great risk of harm done by people like that on the loose but society will not accept this kind of terrorist behavior any longer and the public is against the newly refurbished nazis. The actual problem is that they are actively supported by and represent the Juncta minded greek police.

    • Soline Marie Soline Marie says:

      Hi Michail,

      Thank you for your precisions and for telling your points from a Greek perspective. I absolutely agree that a political party – if we can call Golden Dawn as such – that is racist, homophobic or discriminatory against whoever is dangerous and harmful for the whole society. I am sure that 93% of the Greeks who didn’t vote for Golden Dawn generally agrees that it is a threat and a public danger for everyone, even the straightest and whitest of them. In this article I chose to highlight the quote ‘After immigrants, you are next’ cause it was directly and openly addressed to the gay community. As we are a LGBT magazine, I told the story under the angle that might echo with most of our readers, trying to also depict the recent events against immigrants to prove how far they can go. I didn’t mention indeed the actions perpetrated against communists and leftists. But undoubtedly, a party that would treat members of any minority in such way is nothing but democratic, which will automatically be bad to the rest of the world. This is the message we try to convey all the time in our magazine (and others) which defend equity of all human beings. Thanks for opening the debate and don’t hesitate to bring in more thoughts.

    • Jenn says:

      I think throwing water at someone is definitely a physical attack..

      • Dex says:

        I guess you never have been attacked physically before? You liberals keep living in your dream worlds, but I want to see your faces after the economic basis for liberalism have fallen apart. You will be seen as traitors and enemies and that’s your own fault, by supporting and backing up immigrants more than your own people.

        “homophobic, racist, nazi” etc, can’t you come up with any better argument? Is that really all you liberals got? How come you don’t condemn communism, but you do condemn nazism? Communists killed more than nazis did, yet it’s just the nazis you pay attention on? Seems to be hypocrisy at its best.

        The real problem is completely opposite of what you weak minded liberals keep saying. Homophilia is the real problem, NOT homophobia. Xenophilia is the real problem, NOT xenophobia. Anti-racists aka anti-whites are the real problem, not the racists. You are driving us toward a communist federal state here in Europe. Political correctness (cultural marxism) is part of that process, which was also being practiced in the USSR. Everyone who dared to stand up against the crazyness of the system, got labeled, jailed and in many cases enslaved or even shot. In Europe we’re not in that state we kill people for having different opinion for politically correct line yet, but it’s a good enough reason already to jail people. Believe me, we are heading toward very dangerous direction, and liberals unfortunately are just tools of whose support stronger political elements (nationalists, communists and capitalists) are fighting of.

        At the moment the capitalists are still the strongest element, but for how long? After all they represent tiny majority of the population, they just have immense amount of power right now through their media and banks.

  2. MIchail says:

    Dear Dex,

    Even though I understand the passion with which you want to protect what is valuable for you but I think you got the wrong end of the stick here. First of all Nobody is supporting the communists and at least you have to agree with the results of the Greek communist party in Greece. We are not going to argue here about the past failings of sociopolitical systems including national socialism which responsible for a great amount of misfortune to many countries including Greece with hundreds of thousand dead and starving and destroyed any financial stability in Greece. You seem to be utterly confused with regards to the marxist theory so please make sure to read on the subject before just throwing random terms from a book.

    Now with regards to you being a homophobic. Its really simple. Everyone likes their candy on different flavours. Jesus mother got it with an angel, Buddha’s mother was with a tree, and the SS liked it a bit rough so they were into SMBD.. You should enjoy what you like as well as long as it doesnt hurt someone else even if its SS style but you should let other enjoy their lives as they want as well.

    With Regards to immigration and xenophobia. Immigration is what the capitalist movement used in order to promote the first class citizents out of the primary production sector and in to the 3rd sector – which means services – buying selling, loans etc etc.. all the “good” things that the capitalist society gives us. We are living in the Homo Economicus era after all and this system benefits from outsourcing cheap labour. Also Because you might be furious for your pure breed genes being intermixed with illegal immigrant blood. you have to understand that there is no noooo pure race on the planet – we are all intermixed all of us and I am personally proud of that. variation in the gene pool comes from mixing and that is what establishes human survival: constant, new and stronger gene mutations with the other tribes. Especially in Europe you can see the Skandinaviogermanoanglosaxofrancobalkanarabian mix very very well.

    With regards to illegal immigrants to their larger percentage in Greece. You have to see the failing of the social care system in Greece ( I don’t mean the health system) I mean all these useless bureaucratic morons that have been running the monster called the Greek state that care for nothing but if they can keep their position on the new elections. That is the problem right there.

    And this is exactly what the NeoNazi party of the Golden Dawn has based its campaign on. It has used the fear – illiteracy with xenophobia and all the rest on the lower classes and with the addition of the police fascist parastate in greece they managed to get in the parliament. What you have to undestand is that these people are active supporters of 2 of the biggest hits Greece took during the last century. They are active supporters of a theory that KILLED nearly half a million Greeks. They are also supporting the traitors junta of the late 60′s. In case you are not historically educated, the Greek Junta tortured and killed people with the aid of the police and was used by the Nixon administration in to aiding the massacres in Cyprus (and the rest).

    So you are asking why people are focusing and countering the NeoNazis? Simply because there is no place for them – same as the Stalinist and Mao communists – they are from another century and we prefer them to stay there. And within the same chaos pool with the labours, concervatives and neo liberals we have the neo fascists as well…go figure.

    Keep an open mind and always criticise any white or black theories that will preach they have the answer!

Soline Marie


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