August 26, 2011

IconFirework mob target Kentucky lesbians

A lesbian couple from Pathfork in the US state of Kentucky say that their family was attacked in a horrific hate crime on 4th July.

Misty Turner and Brandy Standifer explained that they were celebrating the US national holiday with their two young children and other relatives when people from a large party across the street began to shoot fireworks in their direction.

One of the fireworks exploded near the family group, injuring the children and several others, including Turner’s 80-year-old grandmother. It is alleged that the crowd then proceeded to shout profanities at the family.

“At this time my father walked toward the crowd, and in effort to stop him I went behind him, once I had got away from my car I was attacked by a woman saying she was gonna kill me,” said Turner in a statement submitted to the Kentucky Equality Federation.

“At this time my partner tried to stop her, and we were attacked by at least 15 men. All yelling ‘If you wanna look like a man, then fight like one’. We were also called lesbians, whores, ‘pussy licking whores’ and dikes. No one else in our group was attacked but us.”

Both women suffered multiple injuries for which they are undergoing treatment. They say that this is the first time they have ever encountered any trouble related to their sexual orientation in Pathfork.

They took three of their attackers to court but allegedly faced discriminatory comments from the defendents’ attorney, Otis Doan. These included questions about whether or not the couple promote a gay lifestyle. The defendents’ families were allowed to attend court whilst Turner’s and Standifer’s were not.

The Kentucky Equality Federation has now approached officials in the US Department of Justice in order to pursue the case as a hate crime under federal law.

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