July 11, 2011

IconFlashmob to disrupt World Cup semi-final in homophobia protest

Gay rights activists are planning a flashmob at the Women’s World Cup semi-final this Wednesday, to urge FIFA to publicly condemn homophobia in football.

The international gay rights pressure group AllOut.org is calling on FIFA to conduct a full investigation of Nigerian coach Eucharia Uche (pictured), following her claims that homosexuality was “dirty” and “spiritually and morally very wrong”, and that she had forcibly removed all lesbian players from the Nigerian squad.

“Anyone who has played or watched football knows that there are consequences for breaking the rules of the game,’ said Andre Banks, co-founder of AllOut.org.

“It is time for FIFA to finally cry foul and give Coach Uche the red card, sending a strong message that discrimination against lesbian and gay players will not be tolerated on or off the field.”

45,000 people have backed AllOut.org’s online campaign to urge FIFA to investigate Uche and end homophobia in football.

FIFA has so far responded with a bland statement broadly denouncing “discrimination” without mentioning homophobia explicitly or the specific allegations against Nigeria’s coach.

The AllOut.org flashmob is planned for Wednesday 13 July 2011 at 7pm, at the S-Bahn Station in front of Commerzbank Arena in Frankfurt. See the Facebook page for more information.

1 Response to Flashmob to disrupt World Cup semi-final in homophobia protest

  1. Darolo says:

    Can understand the point they’re trying to make and need to make, but in UK people used to associate Women’s Soccer with mainly gay women in a derogatory manner. It has a great image now as do most Womens’ Sports. The matches are being shown on Sky. I hope we don’t see anything of the protest because I know the reaction will be that Womens’ Soccer is still a predominently gay sport. This will stop some parents from allowing their daughters to participate again!!! We’ll be going backwards. I know they act out of ignorance but I think this protest will serve to throw more fuel on the fire rather than educate. It’s the wrong place and the wrong method. Homophobics will see it as a bunch of gay women ( whether they are or not) throwing their weight around!!!

Milly Shaw


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