March 10, 2011

IconGay siblings needed for independent documentary

Are you in a Tegan and Sara situation? Are you gay and also have a gay brother or sister? If so documentary filmmakers Cat and Liz are making a documentary about gay siblings and family relationships, and would love to hear from you. The filmmakers plan to finish the documentary in time to launch at the 2012 London Lesbian & Gay film festival.

For more information read Cat’s story of growing up with a gay sister or see their Facebook page. You can email Cat and Liz on

Picture via The Most Cake blog

2 Responses to Gay siblings needed for independent documentary

  1. Angel B says:

    Hi, I’m Angel, and I think my family and I’d be a great topic in your documentary.

  2. Jessie says:

    My name is Jessie, i’m 21 and a lesbian and my brother Josh is 18 and gay. We also have a younger sister. If you are interested in contacting us, you may do so. My e-mail is provided above.

    Thank you,

Milly Shaw


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