November 13, 2012

IconGirlfriend’s family survival guide

 We all know how it goes: you find a brilliant girl and it’s all going well. You question, “What could go wrong? This is so perfect.” Then she reminds you that you’re yet to meet her family. Just your luck the perfect girl has parents from hell. Use this guide to work out how best to deal with your girlfriend’s parents.

Be yourself, unless you’re a psychopath with stalker tendencies…then it’s probably best you don’t be yourself. It’s also probably best you check yourself into a mental institute and leave the girl alone.

Be interested in her families lives. I’m not saying if they’re into polo, you go out and join a polo club, buy a horse and all the equipment (especially when you’ve never even been on a horse). I’m saying if they’re talking to you about their book club, knitting group, or football team, then act interested, act like you care, even just a little bit.

Rise above any comments and be the bigger person. Although your girlfriend’s parents are adults (we hope) they are really big kids inside. If they make a snide comment at you, don’t argue back. Worst thing you could do is engage in an argument over the dinner. No one wants to see the nicely cooked turkey flying everywhere.

Brothers and sisters can be a pain, but let them be. You don’t need to impress them, not really (unless your girlfriend and them are really close…then you might need to do a little work impressing the siblings. Siblings were made to be annoying; it’s in their genes. If you’re dating their sister, they’re more than likely going to be annoying towards you too.

Awkward questions will always be awkward. Older people, especially parents, have a habit of asking exceedingly awkward questions at surprisingly busy times. So if they ask you when it was you lost your virginity, or how many people you have slept with, either answer in the most honest way you can, or swiftly continue to chew your carrots and change the subject.

You’re dating your girlfriend, not your girlfriend’s Mum or Dad. There’s being friendly with your girlfriend’s parents and then there’s being too friendly. When you reach the stage of her parents inviting you over and forgetting to invite her… you’ve gone too far.

Likewise, on another level, you’re dating your girlfriend, not her parents. Don’t let them rule your relationship. Sure let them offer you their advice, but at the end of the day there’s two in a relationship, not four.

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