January 13, 2011

Icon‘God Hates Fags’ cult cancels child funeral picket

An extreme US religious sect that frequently protests against “fag-enablers” called off a picket outside the funeral of a young child today. The nine year-old was one of six people killed by a gunman in Arizona last Saturday. The Westboro Baptist Church apparently agreed to cancel their protest in return for live radio air-time.

Media sources report that two separate radio presenters brokered a deal with the group, offering them a platform for their views if the picket was called off. Dean Blundell of Toronto’s 102.1 The Edge gave a cult representative a few minutes of uninterrupted air time, whilst Steve Sanchez of Arizona’s 1100 AM KFNX arranged to interview members of the sect.

Sanchez argued on an Arizona news programme that “giving them that 30 minutes is much better than them being at that funeral picketing”.

The Westboro Baptist Church believe that the USA is too tolerant of LGBT people. A spokesperson for the organisation claimed that the Arizona gunman was an agent of God sent to punish sinners.

The shooting spree took place at a constituent meeting held by Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic member of the House of Representatives. Giffords has been praised by rights groups for her commitment to LGBT equality.

Arizona’s legislature passed an emergency law on Tuesday banning protesters from coming within 300 feet of funeral services.

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