June 20, 2011

IconGoogle goes gay

A rainbow has been added to one side of the Google search bar, appearing as users type in terms such as “lesbian”, “gay”, “bisexual”, “transgender” and “queer”.

The six-colour symbol has been adopted in recognition of LGBT Pride Month, which takes place during June in many countries. A more simple version of the rainbow also appeared in 2009 and 2010.

Google has actively supported LGBT rights in recent years. The search giant has highlighted the “It Gets Better” project in a TV advert for its Chrome browser, supported the campaign against Proposition 8, and increased the pay of lesbian and gay employees in the US in recognition of the higher taxes they have to pay.

“Google supports its LGBT employees in many ways: raising its voice in matters of policy, taking a moment to remember the plight of transgender people around the world and going the extra mile to ensure that its employees are treated fairly,” explained a statement posted on the official Google blog during last year’s Pride Month.

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Ruth Pearce


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August 17, 2012