May 24, 2011

IconGround-breaking Sex Worker Film Festival to open in London

The London Sex Worker Open University has announced the line-up for its first ever Film Festival event, due to take place on Saturday 12 June at the Rio Cinema in East London.

The one-day festival will feature a series of shorts, documentaries and experimental films focusing on the experiences of sex workers around the world, and their struggles for rights. A panel discussion with selected filmmakers will follow the screenings and an after party will close the event.

Luca Darkholme, a co-founder of the Sex Worker Open University project, said: “Our collective wants to show living, fighting, whole sex workers; representations that abandon flat, one-dimensional characters and stereotypes. The choice of films focuses on the diverse realities of sex workers – often very different from the classic “victim” image [represented on screen].”

The Sex Worker Open University was set up in 2009, when a collective of sex workers and their allies came together to organise a five-day open conference with workshops, debates, actions and exhibitions. Over 200 participants attended.

Monies raised from the Film Festival will go towards funding the Sex Worker Open University 2011, which will run 12-16 October, also in London. The stated aim is to create a space for discussion and to share experiences and self-empowerment.

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Milly Shaw


The Sanctity of Marriage – 5 second film

Brilliant 5 second masterpiece by 5 Second Films: “They want to take our rights away? Well we want to ‘splode their heads!” Went one of the less-successful pro-gay rights protest chants.

September 21, 2012