October 16, 2013

IconHalloween Viewing – 5 ‘Lesbian’ Horror Movies

If you are a fan of horror films then Halloween is the perfect excuse to have a horror film marathon. Whether it’s a popcorn fest with your friends or an opportunity to scare and comfort someone you want to be more than friends with, these 5 films are sure to serve the purpose.


The Ward

There are so many films by John Carpenter that should be watched around Halloween that scheduling a few days off work to stay in bed to get through them is probably not a bad idea. However, if you don’t have the luxury of being able to watch them all why type of ghost but more the ‘I’m going not try his 2010 offering The Ward. Chosen for this list due to the lovely leading lady Amber Heard The Ward is a thriller that focuses on Amber Heard’s character who is sent to a psychiatric hospital where she is terrorised by a ghost. Of course this is not the Casper type ghost but the ‘I’m going to kill everyone ghost’. If a convincing ghost story is your thing then this one is perfect to include in your Halloween viewing.


The Hunger

This is not the most modern film in the list as it was actually released before I was born, however there are so many reasons to give it a go. If you are fan of the classic hammer horror genre and love a bit of vampire action then The Hunger should be right up your street. Catherine Deneuve is the vampire seductress in this film who sets her sights on Susan Sarandon to be her latest victim/lover. Throw in a bit of David Bowie and I’m not sure what more you can ask for in a film.


Jennifer’s body

Megan Fox. For many people I could simply leave it there. Megan Fox is more than enough of a reason to watch a film. However, this film goes so much further – Megan Fox makes out with Amanda Seyfried. Still not convinced? I’m pretty certain this film will not change your life but it is a bit of high school horror fun. It may not have received the best reviews and the plot line is not the most complex (basically a cheerleader turns into a zombie and kills people) but surely a film that is written by Diablo Cody and directed by Karyn Kusama is more than worthy of a little Halloween time. Plus did I mention Megan Fox?



May is a film that crosses a range of genre lines. Horror, tragedy and dark comedy are combined in this story of a woman who is socially inept and grows up to be very lonely. She falls for a man, she then has a brief affair with her lesbian colleague but in the end she is left feeling rejected and alone. At this point she does what any homicidal maniac would do and begins to create a new friend from the body parts of her old friends.


Switchblade Romance

If you like your horror films to come with a bit of gore and to leave the weak hearted feeling a bit faint then Switchblade Romance should definitely be included in you Halloween viewing. This French film follows the main character as she tracks down the person who brutally murdered her best friend’s family and kidnapped her best friend. You may have guessed that she is a bit in love with her best friend, however you probably won’t guess the twist at the end. Not everyone has welcomed the ending but it does make this film a bit more than your average slasher fest.


This is just a tiny number of films that would be great to watch on Halloween but every one of them is worth a go. We are selling all of these along with many others in our shop so grab them now ready for a night of fright.

What are your favourite horror films? Let us know in the comments below!

3 Responses to Halloween Viewing – 5 ‘Lesbian’ Horror Movies

  1. Siobhan says:

    I’d add two more:
    - Ginger Snaps, an excellent analogy of puberty and burgeoning sexuality (because becoming a werewolf is just like becoming a woman, ya see).
    - If 1970s European exploitation is your thing, Vampyros Lesbos is a bonefide classic, probably the standout pick of a whole lesbian vampire subgenre (http://www.denofgeek.us/movies/13922/top-10-lesbian-vampire-movies).
    Happy viewing!

  2. amelia says:

    i think kill for me has to be up there given its newness and not badness as far as lesbian films go! plus that steamy bathroom scene!

  3. Sara Newnes Sara Newnes says:

    I’ve not seen Kill for Me but with that description I think I will definitely be giving it a watch :-)

Sara Newnes


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