February 25, 2013

IconHeather Peace’s Fight For video released


The second single from HP’s Fairytales album, Fight For, is to be released on 11th March.  And, in the meantime, the anticipation is being built with the release of the official video this week.

What’s it all about?

The basic premise of the video is a variety of friends and fans of Peace, including a number of Waterloo Road and Lip Service favourites, holding up placards proclaiming what they would Fight For.  These range from the amusing (“the duvet”) to the personal (“my dog back”) to the universal (“equality”) to the downright surreal (Peace dressed as a panda bearing a placard reading “a world made of bamboo”).

All of this is interspersed with close-up shots of a smoky-eyed, moody looking Heather.  This brings us back to the original meaning of the song – the need to fight for a flailing relationship.  In addition, it reminds the audience that, aside from being able to punch out some quality tunes, she’s also pretty easy on the eye.

Is it any good?

As HP herself tells us, “I love that songs can mean lots of different things to different people and I wanted to embrace that in the video”.  It’s safe to say that she has achieved this and the sentiment of including her fans in the video fits in well with the general ethos of her work (the production of the Fairytales album was funded from an online auction of Peace products / services and her connection with fans, certainly from reading Twitter feeds and Facebook posts, seems to be very strong and real).

The song itself is described as: “a laid back slice of catchy, soulful pop, driven by lush piano melodies, string arrangements and warm basslines, alongside Heather’s rich vocals”.  And who are we to argue?  Fans of Peace will already know the song and the single (Jack Guy Remix) certainly doesn’t disappoint.

All in all the video is nice, the song is better.  HP fans will undoubtedly love it but, if you aren’t already acquainted with HP’s music, I would urge you to give this single a listen.

Fairytales, produced by the Oscar nominated Nigel Wright, was originally released in May 2012 reaching number 7 in the Official Independent Album Chart, while debut single Better Than You reached number 30 in the Official Independent Singles Chart.

Fairytales (Special edition) will feature the following bonus features: Fight For (Jack Guy remix), Sabotage (Live version), Fairytales (Live version), exclusive poster & a DVD containing never before seen live acoustic performances of Lost and Thank God For You, a track by track interview with Heather and the Fight For music video.

Fight For will be available for download on March 11th via iTunes and Amazon

Fairytales (Special edition) will be available on March 16th as a physical product only from Amazon, Play.com and heatherpeace.com


www.facebook.com/heatherpeaceofficial www.twitter.com/heatherpeace


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