February 13, 2009

Icon'Heterosexuality lost me scholarship' claims student

A former student is suing a university in the USA over claims that she was discriminated against and lost a scholarship because she would not become a lesbian.

Brooke Heike lost her scholarship to play basketball at Central Michigan University after two seasons. Heike is now suing the university, claiming that she was dropped by basketball coach Sue Guevara because Heike was heterosexual and wore makeup.

According to the Detroit News Heike claims “Throughout the 2007-08 season, defendant Guevara continued to subject plaintiff to unwelcome harassment and discrimination because of plaintiff’s heterosexual preference and refusal to abandon her heterosexual preference and adopt a homosexual preference.”

Steve Smith from Central Michigan University denies that the university is at fault. “CMU is familiar with the allegations, which are being made without merit,” Smith said. “CMU will vigorously defend its position in court.”

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