December 9, 2008

IconIntersex could be a legal gender in Australia

The Australian government’s Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission is pushing for ‘intersex’ to become a legally recognised gender.

The commission has distributed a discussion paper entitled ‘Sex Files – The legal recognition of sex: Proposed reform’ to transgender advocates, reports the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

According to the proposals, “Persons who cannot or do not identify as either male or female would be able to choose to be identified on their birth certificate and passport as intersex.”

In addition, “A person who cannot or chooses not to undergo surgery would not be automatically ineligible to request a change in their legal sex.”

The group Sex and Gender Education Australia believes that in addition to ‘intersex’ there should be a fourth legal term – “other” – for people who do not fit into male, female or intersex.

2 Responses to Intersex could be a legal gender in Australia

  1. Kailana says:

    interesting, problem is that there really needs to be some laws stating who can use the term intersex as a valid gender Marker. I, to indicate that I was infact born an intersexed person due to genetics, I would hate to see tons of people thinking it would be funny to put an I or and O for other just cause they could.

  2. Ron Low says:

    The law would be a huge step forward, if only because it would result in all forms that ask for gender to eventually include more than M and F. Just getting people to know or acknowledge that IS people exist would help when it comes time to advocate for equal treatment.

Milly Shaw


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