January 13, 2011

IconJoy of Teen Sex to feature graphic lesbian scene

A new show exploring teenage sexuality will launch next week. The Joy of Teen Sex is described by Channel 4 as “a bold, informative look at the love lives and sex lives of teenagers that tells it like it really is”, and will include gay and lesbian sex advice. Critics have claimed that the programme is “soft porn”.

The show features advice for teenagers over the age of consent from sexual health professional Dr Rachael Jones, social worker Ruth and “sex coach” Joanna. The 4oD page for the first episode describes features that include “a mother and daughter at loggerheads because the daughter refuses to go on the pill” and “17-year-old lesbian Kim, keen to learn some more tricks for girls”.

A number of tabloid newspapers have joined lobby group Mediawatch UK in condemning the show. An article in the Daily Mail highlights the presence of “graphic scenes of lesbian sex” and “a guide to anal sex”.

3 Responses to Joy of Teen Sex to feature graphic lesbian scene

  1. nikki2329 says:

    uurgh they always think anything with a lesbian scene in it is porn or too graphic. It needs to be on tv more so people can get used to it and become as desensitised as they are to similar straight scenes!

  2. Ruth.Pearce says:

    To be honest, I’m with you there Nikki! I’ll probably withold full judgement until the programme has screened, but I’m inclined to side with its makers rather than dodgy tabloid stories…

    Anyways, why shouldn’t gay and bisexual girls over the age of consent get sex tips?

  3. Lola says:

    Anyone know how I can get in touch with that hot lesbian Kim?

Ruth Pearce


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