April 1, 2011

IconKatherine Moennig to join Lip Service

Lesbians everywhere can rejoice – fan favourite Katherine Moennig, who played Shane on The L Word, is set to trade Los Angeles for Glasgow.

She will play Lori F Paol, an old flame of Frankie’s from New York who follows her to Glasgow only to wind up in bed with Tess.

Sparks will also fly between Lori and Sam, Cat’s girlfriend. An insider revealed, “We didn’t mean to have Lori hook up with everyone, but Katherine has chemistry with everyone. She’s like lesbian catnip.”

[Edit: check the date on this story...]

10 Responses to Katherine Moennig to join Lip Service

  1. glitzfrau says:

    Sigh! The very tastiest kind of April Fool…

  2. Clare Tustain says:

    Lori F Paol. April Fool! Good one girls! Very good! Had us going for a minute or two! Clare x

  3. This is just cruel…

  4. Sandra Gray says:

    very….very…very CRUEL

  5. rtalive says:

    Well i see it is a joke but i think the creators of LS should make it true. it sounds so good.

  6. Sandra Gray says:

    I agree :-)

  7. Jenny says:

    This is amazing!

  8. that is so mean, guys! i literally crapped my pants. and then i saw the date. and the comments. :(

  9. dude says:


  10. mandy says:

    i canĀ“t believe that only saw this now….


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