July 12, 2011

IconLady Gaga mistakes Australian PM for lesbian

Lady Gaga branded Julia Gillard a “hypocrite” during a TV interview on Monday after assuming that the Australian Prime Minister was in a gay relationship.

Channel 9 presenter Tracy Grimshaw asked the pop star if she felt that Gillard was hypocritical for opposing equal marriage whilst living in The Lodge (the Prime Minister’s official residence) with her unmarried partner.

Gaga became confused over Grimshaw’s use of the word “partner”, incorrectly believing that the term implied Gillard was in a relationship with another woman. She soon realised the assumption she’d made and informally asked the Prime Minister about her sexuality once the interview was over.

The question was eventually re-shot, allowing Gaga to re-phrase her response.

“It’s 2011, get on with it,” she said. “I am so against the way certain laws and restrictions send messages that one person is better than another. I urge all of you to mobilise your voices so the Prime Minister can hear you scream that you want to be equal.”

Gillard re-emphasised her opposition to gay marriage this morning. “For me I think marriage and the Marriage Act has had a particular status in our society and it should keep that status,” she said in a radio interview on Triple M.

“But I understand people have got different views. Lady Gaga and Julia Gillard – different views. Who would have thought.”

Lady Gaga hit the Sydney gay scene after the interview, performing two unofficial gigs for fans in the Nevermind and Arq nightclubs.

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