December 23, 2012

IconLeft-handed people should not be allowed to marry

Like about 90% of the population, I am right-handed.

I don’t necessarily have a problem with left-handed people, in fact a friend of one of my very best friends is left-handed, I just don’t like the thought of what left-handed people do in private in their own homes.

Left-handed people claim their personal lives are none of my business, and admittedly they have not passed judgment on my right-handed private life, yet I feel the need to state the left-handed activity they participate in makes me a little queasy.

I am a church-goer and believe only right-handed people should be allowed the privilege of love and marriage. I accept left-handed people are going to pair up with each other but their unions must not be referred to as ‘marriage’ or take place in a place of worship. Marriage is sacred and only for the right-handed.

It is therefore sensible for people who feel they are left-handed – and who wish to marry – to try their very best to become right-handed. If this is too difficult for them, they should give up using both of their hands altogether.

I am uncomfortable with the notion of left-handed people having children.

Left-handed parents may have a happy and loving home with the ability to offer a wonderful upbringing to a child but they cannot possibly provide a child with the same benefits as right-handed parents. Parental skill, personality and even love are irrelevant when it comes to left-handed parenting versus right-handed parenting.

If a left-handed parent or parents try to raise a child it will expose that child to all sorts of left-handed activity and the child may even turn out left-handed themselves.

Although a parent may still love their left-handed child, I am sure no sane person would ever wish for their child to be left-handed.

Children should not be taught in school that being left-handed is normal. I had a friend once who thought he was left-handed for a while, he even tried being left-handed with another left-handed person, but then realised he was right-handed all along and it was all just a phase. If he had been taught in school that being left-handed was a normal and acceptable choice he may have stayed left-handed forever.

Speaking of choice, I know many left-handed people claim they are born left-handed and they do not have a choice about it, and this may well be true, but they do not have to act upon it.

Paedophiles also claim they are born with a desire to have sex with children. Therefore one could argue left-handed people are basically paedophiles. I would not say this is always the case, but left-handed marriage is definitely the beginning of society’s decline into all sorts of wrongness and deviancy.

For example, if we allow left-handed people to marry it will pave the way for other irregular relationships, such as incestuous ones, to become legal too.

The idea that left-handed people should be able to marry is quite simply ‘barking mad’.

Around 130 Tory MPs, including David Davies, oppose the rights of gay couples to marry and argue children should not be taught about homosexuality in school. David Davies referred to gay marriage as ‘barking mad’.

Read Davies’s latest interview here.

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7 Responses to Left-handed people should not be allowed to marry

  1. Lazarus says:

    Are u on drugs?

  2. Red_Maggie says:

    Hahahaha!!!!!! Brilliant!

    As a left hander though, I think you are bigoted, clueless and really haven’t thought this through at all. Wait, that’s the other one. You’re just really good at satire!

    • Rosie Hayes Rosie Hayes says:

      Thank you for your kind words Red Maggie. Let’s hope some of these politicians start to understand how cruel and ridiculous their argument against gay marriage is!

  3. Helen Wilson says:

    Imagine just how unfortunate I am being a left handed lesbian with a trans history!

    Maybe I should not even be allowed to hold hands…

  4. Jimbeau says:

    As a person who is ambidextrous, I support the rights of both the hand sinister and the hand dexterous. Even those who are hopelessly ambilevous deserve equal rights.

Rosie Hayes


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