September 17, 2008

IconLesbian album scares Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah nearly called her new album ‘The L Word’…. but then decided not to. Not because of potential copyright issues but because she didn’t want to ‘waste energy’ on the persistent rumours about her sexuality.

Latifah, who may / may not be planning to marry her girlfriend / just good friend Jeannette Jenkins (delete as appropriate), has a new album out in December which features Dr Dre and LL Cool J.

The album is still unnamed, after a last minute decision not to call it The L Word reports the Mobo Awards website. “Since people want to play games, I like to jab back sometimes just for fun,” explained Queen Latifah. “But I’m like, nah, that’s too much energy wasted.”

21 Responses to Lesbian album scares Queen Latifah

  1. lostfish says:

    Oh just come out already!

  2. Renee says:

    I really like the fact that she has not declared her sexuality. The idea that someone must confess because they are gay perpetuates the idea that heterosexuality is normal and right.

  3. Aimee says:

    Who`s the gurl.. tha appeared at gay pride 2008 in boro advertising this site?.. shes stunnin! get me a date with her =D xx

  4. justme says:

    I agree with your sentiment Renee but I also believe that by not saying anything this could be perceived as keeping it quiet due to some deeper feelings,shame, embarrassment?? Who knows what ridiculous fears and worried society have forced on us who happen to be gay. The message I want to promote is for all of us to JUSTBE! We should not have to come out yet neither should we be in closets or coming out of them. One day freedom to just ‘be’ will be the only way, meanwhile I will label myself openly as gay to let people know I am deliriously happy being a lesbian and have no shame or embarrassment about letting young, old and religious know about it.

  5. J says:

    “…perpetuates the idea that heterosexuality is normal and right.”

    I’m completely for equality but I’m not sure how anything would perpetuate that homosexuality is normal? The fact that procreation is not possible is a fairly big strike for the “normal” category. Again no problem with people living their lives the way they wish to and in peace whether it’s normal or not.

  6. Ines says:

    To repeat the age old argument, what is normal and what isn’t? How come homosexuality is not natural if actually both love and sexual desire are caused by the totally natural action of completely normal hormones in our bodies?
    What I mean is, homosexuality is not new. It’s been there, though as a minority, for as long as we can count back.
    So, why is heterosexuality the right choice?

  7. Anastasia says:

    J, the vast majority of heterosexual sex is not procreative, yet it is still called “normal”. The fact is that “normal” is a wide church – many things, including lesbianism, are included within it. So its pretty pointless and silly to even use the criteria to justify anything. Love is normal; how you express it is an individual thing.

  8. cj says:

    My daughter is a “homosexual”. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to “procreate”. And how do the comments relate to those “heterosexuals” that can’t or don’t want to have children? Why is that the distinguishing “label” of what is “normal”? Food for thought..

  9. Joe says:

    Ummm, J, or whatever your name is, people don’t CHOOSE to be homosexual, just like they don’t choose to be heterosexual. I’m a man and I like women because that’s what I like and what is embedded in me, not because I up and decided to like girls one day. That’s silly.

  10. erica says:

    it’s easy for me to be an open lesbian, being born and raised in massachusetts, which was the first to legalized gay marriage…if she dont want to come’s not our business, us as a gay community has been judged for so long and we fought so hard to not be judged..stop and look at your comments cause some of you are being the hypocrites and doing what we feareda nd fought against…judgement. she’s the damn queen regardless of what she is, its not our business and just enjoy what she brought to the music and movie world.

  11. vicky . says:

    i think this is all bullshit . because you can’t claim the sexuality of a person , by tabloids or the media . if queen latifah says she isn’t lesbian ; you all should stop wasting your time on all this shit . get a life ! oh & btw y’all should stop judging & judge someone else nigg’s !

  12. BB says:


  13. Tracy says:

    As a heterosexual man, let me begin by saying that I respect any and everyone’s sexual orientation. We’re all people. But to question if whether or not heterosexual sex is right by using loopholes, like saying “a vast majority of heterosexual sex is not procreative,” you’re hurting your own point. Because most things in society (literature, human nature, the fact that over 6 billion people are walking on earth as a direct result of hetero sex)suggest that heterosexuality is normal, where as very few things suggest that homosexuality is normal. So if you can find loopholes in the overwhelming majority, imagine how many you can find in the minority. Look, you can break everything down to its elements and all the way down to its atoms, but the reality is that everyday life most all of religious literature suggests that homosexuality is improper. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, but I’ll use an awful and seemingly unnecessary analogy to make my point: There are a lot of murders in this world, too. And many of which say they were born that way. But they’re still in prison because an overwhelming majority of society sees murder as being wrong. Please take no offense; I know it’s a poor comparison, but you get the gist of what I’m saying.

  14. averageteen says:

    Yeah sure, because of course i don’t mind being compared to a murderer – especially as it’ll be true after i hunt you down and toast your balls on an open fire

  15. averageteen says:

    yeah also you’re a hetero man, ok fine . . . called tracy????
    Well that’s a new one for me

  16. Tracy says:

    “Averageteen” I didn’t mean to offend you. I won’t waste too much of your time trying to explain myself because 1) You seem very young and very immature (Tracy is a unisex name that my parents gave me. At birth.) and 2) I pointed out that I wasn’t comparing anyone to a murderer; I was just making a point.

    So I’ll just say that I’m sorry that the only parts of what I wrote that you replied to was the part that apparently offended you and the part that you could use to offend me. I suggest that you ignore what I wrote altogether… because it obviously wasn’t meant for someone at your maturity level. And please, if I may suggest, chill out with the “hunt you down and toast your balls” stuff. We’re on the internet, and I’m a grown man. If you saw me, I promise you wouldn’t say what you said. Anyway, talking like that makes you sound like an idiot. This section is about anti-hate. Just FYI.

  17. rory says:

    Hmm most heterosexual sex is forced rape; due to child marriage & women without rights….ergo hetero sex is bad for women and the majority of men are criminals;-)

    Actually before christianity Look at Rome, men had sex equally with men or women. And visa versa. It was all fine.

    So later ideas that same sex is ‘bad’ is merely a cultural construct that came with some religions. No biggie.

  18. princeee says:

    “most heterosexual sex is forced rape”??? You actually believe that????

  19. rory says:

    Why don’t you ask the majority of women in China, India, Africa

    plus the 9 year olds & other chldren in Britain who are victims of forced marriage.

    You think they enjoy sex, and find it pleasurable?

  20. Spott says:

    Now who’s being closed minded? Who’s living in the past? Listen to yourself, if you won’t listen to others. If all heterosexual sex is rape then all actively heterosexual men are rapists. I believe that all rapists should be executed, so by that standard and applying yours all actively heterosexual men should be executed. Does this sound like the solution to hatred to you?

  21. Chloe says:

    I find it really annoying that celebrities/people in the media refuse to comment on their sexuality.

    How can we say to the world that there is nothing wrong with being gay when there are famous people out there refusing to admit that they are gay or not.

    If she is gay, why hide it? If she isn’t just admit it.

    It doesn’t have to be so complicated.

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