July 10, 2011

IconLesbian couples more likely to marry

Figures released by the Office of National Statistics show that women in gay relationships are more likely to enter into a civil partnership than men.

The majority of civil partnerships were entered into by women for the first time in 2010. 51% of partnership ceremonies were for lesbian couples, as opposed to 49% were for gay male couples.

Gay and bisexual women are also getting hitched at a slightly younger age. The average age for women to enter into a civil partnership is 38.4, whereas the average for men is 40.64.

“We have noticed a clear group of 30- to 38-year-old women coming into the show and the ratio of women for the past few years has increased,” said Gino Meriano, of the Gay Wedding Show. “We are seeing around 75 per cent more women.”

However, lesbian couples are also more likely to seek an annulment. 3.3% of lesbian couples have dissolved their partnership in the last five years, as opposed to 1.6% of gay male couples.

A more notable trend for lesbian marriage has been observed in the United States. A recent article in the New York Post stated that three gay female couples tie the knot for every two gay male couples who do so, citing statistics for same-sex marriage from Conneticut, Massachesetts, New Hampshire, Iowa and Vermont.

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Ruth Pearce


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